CS Undergraduate Courses Summer 2016

This semester is currently viewable to everyone.
The proposed course schedules provided below are for planning purposes only. The department reserves the right to add and remove courses or sections and change the times listed. Please refer to the university online schedule of classes for current class offerings at http://sis.rutgers.edu/soc
Intro Computers&Appl
Chirco, J
Tue, Thu 4:55p - 8:00 Cdl 109
Section C6(00021)
No Recitation/Lab
Section C7(00606)
No Recitation/Lab
Intro Computer Sci
Steinberg, L
Tue, Thu 6:00p - 8:30 Til 116
Section T6(00485)
No Recitation/Lab
Intro Computer Sci
Steinberg, L
Section 10(05703)
Recitation: Mon 6:00p - 8:30 Til 252
Section 11(05704)
Recitation: Wed 6:00p - 8:30 Lsh B117
Intro Computer Sci
Steinberg, L
Mon, Wed 6:00p - 8:30 Til 116
Section T6(00486)
No Recitation/Lab
Comp Apps-Business
Fuentes, G
Mon, Wed 4:55p - 8:00 Be 219
Section C6(00465)
No Recitation/Lab
Section C7(01064)
No Recitation/Lab
Intr Discret Strct I
Lund, B
Tue, Thu 6:00p - 9:50 Sec 210
Section F6(00022)
No Recitation/Lab
Intr Discrt Strct Ii
Basit, A
Tue, Thu 6:00p - 9:50 Lsh B267
Section F6(03433)
No Recitation/Lab
Computer Architectur
Liu, L
Mon, Wed 6:00p - 9:50 Lsh B269
Section F6(02504)
No Recitation/Lab
Prin Info & Data Mgt
Miranda, A
Tue, Thu 6:00p - 9:50 Hll 114
Section F6(00487)
No Recitation/Lab
Internet Technology
Russell, B
Mon, Wed 6:00p - 9:50 Til 242
Section F6(00462)
No Recitation/Lab
Intro Artific Intell
Shome, R
Tue, Thu 6:00p - 9:50 Til 103A
Section F6(03434)
No Recitation/Lab