CS majors are advised by a committee of academic advisors who hold regular office hours for this purpose.


Students are strongly encouraged to consult with a CS advisor to check on their progress toward satisfaction of departmental degree requirements, and also to see if their course selection is consistent with their career goals. (Some courses are especially recommended for students contemplating graduate school; some courses are especially valuable for particular types of positions in industry [see Tracks], etc.)

Students should make use of Degree Navigator to monitor their progress toward satisfaction of SAS and CS degree requirements. If there is any question about what Degree Navigator reports for you, you should see a CS advisor to resolve it. This is especially important as students approach graduation.

Following is a list of CS courses and corresponding courses taught by other departments which we treat as equivalent, for purposes of major and minor credit, and as prerequisites for later CS courses: 

    CS 111+112: 14:332:252+351 
    CS 205:         14:332:312 
    CS 206:         01:640:477, 01:960:381, 14:332:226 
    CS 211:         14:332:331 
    CS 323:         01:640:373 (Math/CS double majors only) 
    CS 431:         14:332:452 (ECE/CS double majors only) 

Note: Equivalent courses taken outside the computer science department do not count toward the residency requirement for the major or minor (e.g., 14:332:312 is not a 01:198:xxx course).

In addition, students who take Math 300 and achieve a grade of at least B+ (or B for Math 300H) have the option of bypassing CS 205. Students who elect to do this are responsible for learning on their own any CS 205 topics not covered in their Math 300 course.

Other information

Prerequisite overrides requests are handled by instructors. For those that have the prerequisite from a previously approved transfer course or Newark or Camden course and courses such as Math 300 that need to be manually overridden. Email .

For pre-requisite override requests (and pre-requisite overrides ONLY), please send your requests to this dedicated email using this following format:



Subject: Prereq for CS (course number), Your name    [for example “Prereq for CS 352, John Smith”]

[In the body of the email, simply copy, paste and fill in the following]:

  • Name:
  • Rutgers email:
  • RUID: 
  • Term, Year [Summer/Fall/Spring]:
  • Course for enrollment:
  • Section, Index number (listed in order of section preference, multiple recommended):
  • SPN: [if a Special Permission Number is required]
  • Equivalency/Reason for Prereq override:
    • [Examples: “took Math 300 place of CS 205 with a B+”, -or- “received transfer credit for CS 211, see forwarded email below from CS transfer evaluation from Mr. Sorensen”]


To request special permission for a closed course, please proceed to... 

special permission instructions

Transfer credit requests should be emailed to  or submitted in person at Hill 390. Be sure to supply a transcript and detailed course description.


Independent Study 

For an Independent Study you will complete the Independent Study form . You will need to fill in the faculty who will be advising you, so have His/Her email available before you start


For additional information, contact the CS Undergraduate Secretary, Hill 390 (848-445-2001) or send e-mail to .

For general academic advising, or assistance with personal problems, especially those affecting your academic performance, see an SAS Dean, as soon as the problem appears. Locations of SAS Advising Centers