CS Honors Program

The CS department honors program consists of an honors track and honors graduation requirements.

Honors Track

The computer science department offers a special honors track to qualified students. Submit your application to indicate that you are interested in graduating with departmental honors( see below). Students should normally apply not later than by the end of the first semester of their junior year. Students in the honors track will have their progress reviewed by the honors committee, and are expected to earn B's or better in their advanced CS courses (300 level and above). Students who successfully complete the honors track with a GPA in their CS courses of at least 3.6 will qualify for graduation with honors in computer science.  The student should inform the honors-chair of a proposed course plan to meet honors graduation requirements, subject to the approval of the CS honors committee.

Online Application Form 

For additional information, send e-mail to honors-chair@cs (add .rutgers.edu when sending email from outside Rutgers).

Honors Graduation Requirements

The honors graduation requirements are:

  • The 1-credit introductory seminar (01:198:195, 196). This can be done at any time but ideally will be done as early as possible in a student's career.
  • Two units of honors credit. This is either honors sections at the 300 or 400 level in computer science, a computer science capstone project, or another program approved by the honors committee and a sponsoring faculty member. Alternatives include graduate courses in CS or advanced honors-level courses in a related discipline such as mathematics, which have been approved by the honors committee.
  • A GPA in CS courses of at least 3.6. 

Requirements to Register for CS Graduate Courses

A special permission number to register for a CS graduate class is given to an undergraduate student only when they satisfy the following requirements.

  • The student should be a CS major. If a CS minor wants to register for a graduate class, they should have completed the CS minor requirements.
  • The student's CS GPA should be equal to or greater than 3.5
  • The student should have completed the CORE requirements of the CS major. 
  • The student should have completed at least 2 CS electives.
  • The student will not be allowed to register for more than two graduate courses per term.

For undergraduates taking graduate courses, you will request an SPN through the SPN system, fill out and contact the instructor to request signature on the Undergraduate taking Graduate Course form. The instructors will not be responding until after registration has begun.