Admission to the Major

Students wishing to declare a major in computer science must achieve a grade of C or better in the following 5 courses:

For purposes of declaring a major, each of the above courses can be repeated only once to replace D/F grades. In implementing this condition, all variants of Calculus I and II are counted, e.g., a below-C grade in 01:640:135 counts as a below-C grade in 01:640:151.

Students who have received credit for courses equivalent to 01:198:111,112, or 205 must complete at least three courses in the New Brunswick Department of Computer Science (01:198:xxx) before being admitted to the major.

Declaring the Major

An SAS student who has satisfied the above requirements may declare a major in computer science at Engineering students who wish to double major (or minor) in computer science may find relevant information here.