The B.A. Degree in Computer Science has the following requirements:

  • Admission to the major.
  • Six required courses in computer science: 01:198:111(Introduction to Computer Science), 112(Data Structures), 205(Introduction to Discrete Structures I), 206(Introduction to Discrete Structures II), 211(Computer Architecture), 344(Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms).
  • Three required courses in mathematics: 01:640:151, 152, 250.
  • Five electives from a designated list of courses in computer science and related disciplines. The five electives must include at least three courses taken in the New Brunswick Department of Computer Science (i.e., they must be 01:198:xxx), of which at least two must be at the 300 level or above. 
  • No more than one grade of D can be accepted in courses applied toward the major.
  • Residency condition: At least seven of the (required and elective) courses used to satisfy the requirements of the BA degree must be courses taken in the New Brunswick Department of Computer Science (i.e., they must be 01:198:xxx.)
  • All CS electives required for the BA/BS degree must be completed in the last 10 years from the date of the undergraduate degree.

These requirements can be satisfied with 53-55 credit hours (depending on whether 3 or 4 credit electives are taken.) 


  • The above requirements apply to all current computer science majors. Prior to fall 2011, the BA required either 01:198:113 or 214. Students now have the option of taking another elective instead.
  • Courses for which a student receives a grade of D cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements.
  • Requirements to register for CS graduate classes is available on the CS Honors page.

Sample schedule for BA degree 
Compressed schedule for BA degree