Course Registration and Special Permission

Request Special Permission (SP) Numbers for  Spring  2023

Quick Link to SP Request System

We are very much aware that some (eventually many) of our classes are full (and the stress that this situation creates for students).  We are doing our best to get as many students in as possible. Please do NOT email instructors. Please follow the procedure below to request SP numbers for full classes:

  1. Please DO NOT register for a Special Permission Number before a class fills up. The numbers are not given by first come first serve. They are given by round.
  2. Do NOT register for sections that do NOT officially appear on WebReg.  We will deregister you if you do.  And you will lose consideration for SP numbers.
  3. Starting Monday, November 7  10:00am. Use this Web app to request an SP number for a full class for Spring 2023: . 
  4. Watch for announcements below.  Announcements will typically appear on Monday, with the new capacity being added that day or as directed by the announcement.  Thus, you should only need to check this Web site on Mondays.
  5. Aside from us adding additional capacity, requests for SP numbers will be handled by course instructors closer to the beginning of the term (e.g., 2 weeks before start of semester)
  6. A Special Permission Number will not get you into a course you do not have a prerequisite for. For undergraduate prerequisite override contact In some instances, you may be directed to contact the instructor. Please follow the format on the CS advising page for prererqs.
  7. All SPN numbers will not be distributed on the same day. If your friend gets one for a different class please do not email asking why you did not receive yours. 

Requirements for Undergraduates to Register for CS Graduate Courses

A special permission number to register for a CS graduate class is given to an undergraduate student only when they satisfy the following requirements.
  • The student should be a CS major. If a CS minor wants to register for a graduate class, they should have completed the CS minor requirements.
  • The student's CS GPA should be equal to or greater than 3.5
  • The student should have completed the CORE requirements of the CS major. 
  • The student should have completed at least 2 CS electives.
  • The student will not be allowed to register for more than two graduate courses per term.
  • An undergraduate student will be allowed to register only for courses that satisfy the breadth requirement for the PhD program.
For undergraduates taking graduate courses, you will request an SPN through the SPN system, fill out and contact the instructor to request signature on the Undergraduate taking Graduate Course form. The instructors will not be responding until after registration has begun. 


The Spring 2023 SP system schedule

Round 1:  Begins: Monday, November 7, 2022, 10:00am

 Ends: Monday December 5, 2022, 9:00am

                          SPN Distribution Will Take Place Around December 22, 2022

Round 2: Begins Monday, December 5, 2022, 10:00am

                Ends: approximately Wednesday January 25, 2023, 9:00am

                          SPN Distribution Will Take Place Around January 25th

                          SPN distribution is open ended and by instructor and will take place until  approximately January 25, 2023. It will coincide with the last day to add**



  • Announcements will appear here usually on a Monday as we need to pass information on to you about registration
  • 11/15/22- We will be opening a new lecture of 198:206 on 11/16/2022
  • 11/15/22- We will be opening 198:417 in the next couple of days
  • 11/18/22- We are opening 198:417. It will be visible when the system resets overnight.
  • 12/19/22- We will be opening 01:198:431. It will be visible when the system resets overnight.
  • 12/23/22- We will be adding a lecture of 198:111, 198:205, 198:527 that will  appear over night tonight.