At the department of Computer Science at Rutgers University, we strive for excellence in undergraduate education.  Our undergraduate program offers a solid foundation in software, systems and theory while offering elective courses in Artificial Intelligence, Internet Technologies, Databases, Graphics and more. We offer undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in cutting edge research and also provide students with newly designed collaborative computer labs and maker spaces. Undergraduates also have the opportunity to get involved with our many University CS affiliated clubs.  

Undergraduate students in the School of Arts and Sciences who wish to pursue a degree in Computer Science can begin taking courses immediately. First semester courses include Calculus (MTH151) and Introduction to Computer Science (CS111).  In your second semester you should look to take Calculus II (make sure it's MTH152, Calculus II for the sciences) and Data Structures (CS112).  Second year Computer Science students will have the prerequisites to take Discrete Mathematics (CS205) and Computer Architecture (CS211).  In the second semester of a second year CS students can take Discrete II (CS206) and begin to explore electives and tracks.  Linear Algebra (MTH250) and Algorithms (CS344) will round out the required courses for a Computer Science degree.


Are you considering majoring in Computer Science at Rutgers? Join us for a tour of our state-of-the-art Computer Science Department on the Busch Campus at Rutgers University. The one-hour tour gives you access to our labs, classrooms, and collaborative spaces like The C.A.V.E. Ask questions, explore our curriculum, and take your first steps towards your journey in Computer Science. Tours are available by registration only. Click Here to Register