• 105: Great Insights in Computer Science
    • Target audience: Students not majoring in computer science.
    • What students learn: How computers work, what computer science is about.
    • Topics: Emphasis is on the concepts that form the core of the academic discipline.
  • 107: Computing for Math and the Sciences
    • Target audience: Students majoring in math or a physical science.
    • What students learn: How to program a computer, with emphasis on techniques used by scientists and mathematicians.
    • Topics: Programming in MATLAB, working with equations in MAPLE.
  • 110: Principles of Computer Science
    • Target audience: General.
    • What students learn: General survey about what computers are and how they are used.
    • Topics: Emphasis is on technology, including computer programming and application packages.
  • 111: Introduction to Computer Science
    • Target audience: Computer Science majors and minors.
    • What students learn: Thinking algorithmically. Software design, programming, testing, analysis.
    • Topics: Fundamental computing techniques, object-oriented programming (in Java).
  • 170: Computer Application for Business
    • Target audience: Students seeking admission to the business school.
    • What students learn: How to use computers in the business world. Some structured programming.
    • Topics: Spreadsheet software, computer technology, network applications.
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