• Course Number: 01:198:107
  • Course Type: Undergraduate
  • Semester 1: Fall
  • Semester 2: Spring
  • SAS Core Curriculum Fulfillment: QR, ITR
  • Credits: 4
  • Description:

    This course is designed to introduce the student to computers, programming, and some of the key ideas on which the field of computer science is based. The primary vehicle for doing so is the computer language MATLAB. The use of a program like MAPLE to manipulate symbolic equations is also covered. This course is aimed at students majoring in math or in a physical science.

  • Instructor Profile: Motto, Douglas
  • Prerequisite Information:


    - This course is not open to declared CS majors.

    * This course may not be used toward CS major degree credit.

    - A grade below a "C" in a prerequisite course will not satisfy that prerequisite requirement.

  • Topics:

    Structure of Computers, MATLAB basics, Computation and decision-making, Iteration, Recursion, Applications, Efficiency Analysis. MAPLE, Program Proving

  • Expected Work: weekly homework
  • Exams: 2 midterms, final