The Minor in computer science has the following requirements:

  • Six of the following computer science courses   111112205206210211213214314323324334336344, 345, 352411415416417419424425428431,437, 439440442 (unless otherwise specified), 452, 460 , 461, 462 at least two of which are at the 300 or 400 level, chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.
  • Computer Science 105, 107, 110, 170 or 405 cannot be credited toward a minor in computer science. Only courses that count toward the major may be counted toward the minor.
  • No more than one D will be accepted in courses taken toward the minor.
  • Residency condition: At least five of the courses used to satisfy the requirements of the minor must be courses taken in the New Brunswick Department of Computer Science. (These courses must be 01:198:xxx.)

Some examples of CS minors: 

  111,112,211,214,416,417           requires calc 1 (a prereq for 112) 
  111,112,205,213,336,431           requires calc 1, calc 2 (a prereq for 205) 
  111,112,205,211,314,336                                   " 
  111,112,205,211,314,440                                   " 
  111,112,205,206,336,344                                   " 
  111,112,205,206,344,452                                   " 
  111,112,205,213,323,428           requires calc 1, calc 2, linear algebra 
  111,112,205,206 + 2 of {323,334,428}                       "

  • Please note that courses for which a student receives a grade of D cannot be used to satisfy prerequisite requirements.
  • CS minors cannot take graduate classes unless they have completed all the requirements of the minor. Requirements to register for CS graduate classes is available on the CS Honors page.