Submitting Courses for Transfer

All transfer evaluations go through SAS, including CS courses. For CS study abroad evaluations, send directly to

All submitted course transfer requests must include:

  1. Course syllabus:
    1. Course name, university name, instructor name, contact information for the
    2. Learning objectives
    3. Weekly schedule with the topics covered in each lecture
  2. Explicit Rutgers CS course code (01:198:*) stating the EXACT equivalent Rutgers CS
    course for which the transfer is being requested

If we do not receive all of the above or the syllabi do not meet the above requirements, students
may be asked to resubmit a new syllabus or the department may not be able to evaluate the
submitted course for proper credit.

Most computer or computer science skill-based courses are not transferable. Examples topics

  • Digital Logic and Design
  • Computer Maintenance and Problems
  • Linux
  • Computer Networks
  • Mobile App Development
  • Microprocessor Information
  • Server Management
  • Web Design
  • UI and UX Design

List of Pre-Approved Courses:

All course evaluations must abide by the SAS Transfer Credits policy and follow the respective
transfer procedure to obtain transfer credits


 List of Pre-Approved Courses