• Course Number: 01:198:105
  • Instructor: Casimir Kulikowski
  • Course Type: Undergraduate
  • Semester 1: Fall
  • Semester 2: Spring
  • SAS Core Curriculum Fulfillment: QR, ITR
  • Credits: 3
  • Description:

    The class is a tour of the big ideas that make computer science an academic discipline. We tour the architecture of modern computers from bits and logic all the way up to programming languages and software libraries. We probe the insights in computability and algorithm design that make possible massive search engines like Google and help us understand the relation between computation and intelligence. Coursework primarily involves paper-and-pencil problem solving and a very small amount of programming to provide students with hands-on-experience with the concepts we introduce.

  • Syllabus: Visit Website
  • Video Intro: Visit Website
  • Instructor Profile: Kulikowski, Casimir
  • Prerequisite Information:

    01:640:026 or 01:640:027.

    * This course may not be used toward CS major degree credit.

    - A grade below a "C" in a prerequisite course will not satisfy that prerequisite requirement.

  • Topics:

    Boolean algebra,
    binary numbers, 
    computation and algorithms, 
    secret codes,
    robotics and machine learning

  • Expected Work: Lectures, in class clicker quizzes, hands-on demonstrations, written homework, short online activities, written midterm and final
  • Exams: Midterm, Final