• Course Number: 01:198:170
  • Instructor: Frances Trees
  • Course Type: Undergraduate
  • Semester 1: Fall
  • Semester 2: Spring
  • Semester 3: Summer
  • SAS Core Curriculum Fulfillment: QR, ITR
  • Credits: 3
  • Description:

    Introduction to business application of spreadsheet software, computer technology, data communications, network applications, and structured programming.

  • Syllabus: Visit Website
  • Video Intro: Visit Website
  • Instructor Profile: Trees, Frances
  • Prerequisite Information:

    Lecture 2 hours, recitation 1 hour.  This course is for students seeking admission to Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick. Limited to prebusiness and business majors.


    Credit not given for this course and 01:198:110.

    - This course is not open to declared CS majors.

    * This course may not be used toward CS major degree credit.