What do I need to do to apply?

  1. Submitting the GRE [verbal, quantitative, analytical writing] scores is optional; GRE subject tests are not required.
  2. Submit your TOEFL scores if you are an international student, unless you are exempt (see https://gradstudy.rutgers.edu/information/international-students); for the Fall 2022 admission cycle, we also accept Duolingo scores.
  3. Obtain 3 letters of reference.
  4. Obtain transcripts of all academic work at college level, both undergraduate and graduate.
  5. Prepare a personal statement.
  6. Obtain and fill out an application, and pay a $70 application fee.



How do I apply?

The application process is done online only through the web site  http://grad.rutgers.edu/admissions/. You can find general information about the Graduate School New Brunswick at http://gsnb.rutgers.edu. If you want to apply to Rutgers-Newark or Rutgers-Camden, you need to contact their respective Graduate Schools.

What are the admissions requirements?

See M.S. Program Admission Requirements and Ph.D. Program Admission Requirements for details.

  1. Are there any minimal GRE or TOEFL scores needed to get admitted into the MS or PhD programs?   Our department imposes no minimal score requirements, but please do note that the Rutgers Graduate School publishes minimal requirements for English proficiency.  A TOEFL or IELTS test score is required if your undergraduate education was completed in a non-English speaking country. See http://gradstudy.rutgers.edu/information/international-students. During the admission process, we look at all the submitted material. Clearly, the better the test scores, the better the chances to get admitted. 
  2. Do I increase my chances to get accepted if I apply early? No.
  3. Is it more beneficial to submit recommendation letters from academia or from industry?  There is no particular preference.  We will be looking for evidence  that you will meet your goals in our program and can succeed in all the work involved.  Your letter writers should know you and be able to assess your accomplishments and potential.
  4. Is my application still considered if some of the required information, for instance one of the recommendation letters, is missing? Yes, we still may consider your application, although your case may be weaker.

What are the application deadlines for M.S., Ph.D., and non-degree?

For the Spring semester: International, September 15th. M.S. applications only ; United States citizens as well as green card holders: October 15th. No Ph.D. applications for the spring semester.

For the Fall semester: January 1st for all Ph.D. applications. February 1st for International MS applicants;  United States citizens and green card holders M.S. applicants: March 1st.

University or Department funding can not be offered to M.S. students at Rutgers. We expect M.S. students to make their own financial arrangements.  However, individual research groups are sometimes able  to provide funding on a case-by-case basis to admitted M.S. students  through their research grants.  Your academic advisor can give you advice about contacting individual faculty members about opportunities  for support in their research group.

Students may take CS graduate courses without being enrolled in our graduate degree programs (non-degree). There are two options

  1. Students with prior undergraduate degree in CS or related fields may apply to the CS graduate program, choosing the non-degree option.  All M.S. admissions requirements apply, including M,S. application deadlines.
  2. Students without undergraduate degree in CS or related fields may apply to the undergraduate CS program. Once admitted as a CS undergraduate, you are allowed to take a CS graduate course if you have taken the prerequisites and have obtained permission from the course instructor.

How do I register?

Students can register only after having been officially admitted.

If you are a newly admitted foreign student, the registration material will be sent to the Graduate Program Assistant of the department, in Room 302, Hill Center, Busch Campus. All other students will receive registration material by mail at their home address. When you come to register you must have your certificate of admittance, as well as the instructions and course registration form that were sent to you. You will find out your advisor either by mail or by calling 848-445-7065.

The schedule of all graduate classes can be obtained from the department web site https://www.cs.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/course-synopses.

Changes in the schedule, new courses and special seminars not listed here, specific procedures for registration (such as the touch tone system), exact dates for registration, drop/add dates, etc. can all be found on the bulletin board outside Room 390 or on the above web site.