Laboratory for Computer Science Research (LCSR)


The Laboratory for Computer Science Research (LCSR) was established as a separate unit of the Center for Mathematical Sciences Research in June, 1977. The main objective of the LCSR is to provide a focus for computer science research in the University, and a base for the support functions that are needed for this research: administrative, technical and clerical support and appropriate computer and communication/networking facilities.


The Laboratory provides the environment for scientific interactions and collaborations between computer scientists and members of other disciplines at Rutgers as well as collaborations with scientists in other institutions in the country. In addition it provides the administrative basis for all computer science grant-supported projects in New Brunswick. Also, the Laboratory's function is to support all efforts to obtain new outside grants for research in computer science. See the Research & Training menu item for current grant-supported research projects.


The LCSR has established several links with industry so that researchers in the department can know more about significant current problems of interest to industry, and so that the department and industry can pursue joint research projects. Current projects of particular interest to industry include research in the areas of computer aided design, architectures and systems, large, distributed software systems, and biomedical imaging. Additional support for these and other research topics in computer science is derived from federal government agencies.