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An important objective of the Department of Computer Science, of particular significance to the Ph.D. student, is the creation and maintenance of a community involved in research and scholarship. The important role that this community plays in the student's education makes it essential that the student not only benefit from the academic community, but also contribute to it. The residence requirement is intended to help insure the existence of such an academic community.

To fulfill the residence requirement a student must be in full-time attendance for no less than one academic year of two consecutive terms (excluding the summer session), during which time the student must spend `adequate time' within the department. `Adequate time' with the department is normally satisfied by attendance at colloquia, presentation of talks, interaction with students and faculty outside of class, involvement in the department's research, and participation in other functions of the academic community within the department. Satisfaction of the `adequate time' requirement must be certified by the student's advisor.

In rare cases it may be possible to fulfill the objective of the residence regulation without fulfilling all its details. To qualify for such an exception, students, with the help of their advisor, must prepare an alternate plan to meet the objective of the residence requirement. The plan must be submitted to the Graduate Committee. The fulfillment of the approved plan must be certified by the student's advisor.