Summary of Requirements

A summary of the Ph.D. requirements, along with the expected timeline is given in the table below:

Expected Progress in the Ph.D. Program
Semester Breadth Requirement Depth Requirement Research and Dissertation
1 Take two courses from each of category A and B Complete an independent study by the end of 4th semester (3 credits) Work on completing the 12 credits for CS courses satisfying the depth requirement Student is expected to find a research area and a research advisor preferably by 2nd semester and no later than the 4th semester
5 Expected complete breadth requirement by the 5th semester    
Summary Finish 48 credits of course work covering the breadth and depth requirements and including at least 3 credits of independent study. Finish 24 research credits

During the course of the Ph.D. studies, the students are expected to register for 72 credits, distributed as follows:

  1. 12 credits for course satisfying the breadth requirement. These courses must be taken at Rutgers, and the student should earn an average GPA of 3.5 for the requirement to be fulfilled.
  2. 12 credits for CS courses satisfying the depth requirement, i.e., CS courses.
  3. 24 credits of research. Research credits (701, 702) can only be taken after satisfying the depth requirement.
  4. 3 credits of independent study (to be fulfilled by the end of the fourth semester).
  5. The remaining 21 credits must be taken among other graduate-level courses and/or undergraduate courses that can be taken for graduate credit, or additional independent study.

In addition, to obtain a Ph.D. degree, the grade for these courses and any surplus courses which the student may have taken must average B or better. (To satisfy the breadth requirement, students must have a GPA of 3.5 over the courses counting for the requirement as mentioned above.) Students can be separated from the program if they receive more than one F or more than 4 grades below B. A student cannot graduate if the transcript contains more than two incompletes of either kind (For regulations concerning incompletes, see section 3.6).