Course Load

This page is "Under Construction" as of 09/22/2020 - please contact the Program Coordinator if you have any questions.

A full time student needs 9 credits per semester. For student as a teaching assistant, 6 of the credits are 198:877, and 6 are for actual courses. If a student is a research assistant, 6 of the credits are 198:866 and 6 are for actual courses. Part-time students are expected to enroll for 6 credits per semester except for very unusual circumstances.

A semester-long graduate course is normally worth 3 credits.

Warning! A student can register for as many as 15 credits without special permission. A student wishing to take more than 15 credits must get a letter of approval from the Computer Science Graduate Program Director. The approval must be emailed to the Program Coordinator to submit to the School of Graduate Studies. SGS will not allow, under any circumstances, a student to take more than 18 credits. A student who does not comply with this rule is likely to be de-registered by the School of Graduate Studies without prior notice.