The School of Graduate Studies has this to say about the Dissertation Format: As a general rule, the School of Graduate Studies requires that Ph.D. dissertations be extended studies that go well beyond the scope of individual scholarly articles. They are expected to present a broad review of relevant literature and theory, to study extensively the problem posed and to place the results in a large intellectual/research context. On occasion, when recommended by the student's committee and the graduate degree program, exceptions to this policy may be granted by the Dean. Such exceptions may occur when it is proposed to substitute two to four less extended, original studies on closely related problems. Such a dissertation must be presented as a single document, must have a common general introduction and literature review, must have appropriate connecting matter and must have a general conclusion relating the results of the separate studies.

NOTE! The preparation of the final form of the thesis is entirely the student's responsibility. Neither admins nor faculty should be asked to do or arrange for typing or to do any of the various errands necessary for the submission of the final copy of the thesis and the assorted forms that accompany it. To become acquainted with the correct format that the thesis should have, please visit the School of Graduate Studies website: Thesis and Dissertation Style Guide (