Dissertation committee and proposal requirements:

- By the end of your fourth year or within one year of passing the depth requirement, whichever is later, you must have formed your dissertation committee and have your proposal approved.

- The dissertation committee consists of a) the advisor of record (a full member of the CS graduate faculty), b) two other inside members (full or associate members of the CS graduate Faculty), and c) the outside member, meeting School of Graduate Studies requirements and approved by the Graduate Program Director in Computer Science.

- Once the committee has been formed and recorded, it can be changed only by the mutual agreement of the student, current committee members, proposed (replacement) committee members, and the Graduate Program Director.

- You have to prepare a two to five page proposal document. The proposal should summarize the findings, results and planned work for the dissertation, and describe the relationships among your published and/or submitted papers. Your proposal must be approved by your dissertation committee.

- You will need to complete a form to list the names of your committee members along with your title and abstract. Your advisor must sign off that he or she approves. Such form can be obtained by contacting the Program Coordinator.