Computer Science Graduate Student Society (CSGSS)

  The purpose of the CSGSS is to encourage communications among its members, and between its members and the faculty and staff of the division, and to improve the academic and social environment of the division. In effect, the CSGSS is the official voice of the graduate students. (All registered graduate students in the division are members of CSGSS).


Recent projects/events include:


  1. Survival Guide: The survival guide provides information for new graduate students, including: How to survive the first few weeks; a description of the division; a description of Rutgers University; what it's like to live around New Brunswick; advice on graduate study and getting your degree.
  2. Student Hosts: Each new student is assigned a veteran graduate student to ease the adjustment to the division and the New Brunswick area.
  3. Orientation/Party: Early in the academic year, an orientation session and party welcomes the new students into the division.
  4. Representation on the Division's Committees: Students are elected to serve as representatives to various faculty committees such as admissions, curriculum, computer resources, etc.
  5. Teaching Award: Designed to encourage and show our appreciation for excellent teaching. Voted on by the graduate students, the award is presented during Spring Convocation.
  6. Student Seminars: Informal seminars, consisting of a presentation of ongoing research and rehearsals for conference talks.
  7. Faculty Research Colloquim: Throughout the year, members of the faculty present their research to students and other faculty in seminars sponsored by CSGSS. This allows students to feel out possible research areas, and allows faculty members to keep abreast of their colleagues' work.
  8. Newsgroup and Web page: The CSGSS electronic bulletin board/newsgroup is maintained for the private use of the graduate students (there is also a public board for division-wide discussions). Topics include general announcements, complaints and criticism, stupid jokes, etc. The CSGSS Web page is csgss/; it contains information for applicants and news on CSGSS activities.
  9. Social Activities: Among others, a Halloween Party, picnics, a St. Patrick's Day party.

The division has provided financial and moral support for our many activities. CSGSS is always looking for new ideas and new volunteers.