M.S. Program

The training of M.S. graduates in computer science provides students with the knowledge and skills to:

  • hold professional positions in
    • the development and design of computer systems
    • the design and implementation of new software applications
  • hold administrative positions that require planning and evaluation of computer-based systems
  • teach computer science
  • be prepared for further study and research at the doctorate level.


Because of the rapid rate of change in the field:

  • students must be well grounded in the fundamental aspects of computer science
  • be capable of learning new ideas by following the research and professional literature
  • by adapting independently to changes in approaches, languages, and system
  • Furthermore, they must have experience with computer projects of a realistic scale so as to develop confidence in their ability to think and work independently

Upon entering the M.S. program, each student will be assigned a faculty advisor whose role is:

  • Help the student design an overall study plan that satisfies the program requirements, based on their interests
  • Be the person the student consults before registering each semester
  • Students may change advisors as they become more familiar with the program (in particular if the Master's thesis option/essay option is chosen.)

Link to MSCS website: Learn more about sample study plans, associated faculty and sample CapStone project.