Incompletes: An incomplete grade (IN) is received when insufficient work has been handed in to the instructor in order to be assigned a regular grade. The student then has the choice of either making up the missing work within a year, and receiving a regular grade, or converting the IN to a permanent incomplete (PIN).

A PIN cannot be made up. A student may make a formal request, in a letter, to extend an IN beyond a year if the faculty member who gave the IN agrees. In such a case, the faculty member must write a letter in support of the student request. Both letters should be sent to the School of Graduate Studies with copies for the graduate departmental administrator for the MS program.

The School of Graduate Studies also has a rule on incompletes: you may not register if you have more than one incomplete that is not a PIN. In such situations, a student may request that an IN be converted to a PIN earlier; to do so, the student should contact the Graduate Secretary for the appropriate forms.


Students can be separated from the program if they receive more than one F, or more than four grades below B.

Students will also be terminated from the Program for violations of University Policy on Academic Integrity. (See the section on ``Policy on Academic Integrity--Summary'' in the catalog of the School of Graduate Studies.) A few examples of cheating include: copying from or giving others assistance on an examination, unauthorized copying or collaboration on a programming assignment, quoting directly or paraphrasing without proper acknowledgement on a term paper, essay or thesis. Difference in cultural background regarding academic integrity will not be accepted as an excuse for violations. The School of Graduate Studies offers seminars and orientation on academic integrity, should anyone be in doubt about what behavior is expected in this matter.