The department requires that applicants to the M.S. program have completed an undergraduate program in Computer Science, or taken the following prerequisite courses for the undergraduate degree:

  • calculus (as in 640:151-152),
  • linear algebra (as in 640:250),
  • finite mathematics (as in 198:205),
  • probability/combinatorics (as in 198:206),
  • numerical analysis (as in 198:323).
  • high level languages (as in 198:111),
  • data structures (as in 198:112),
  • computer architecture
  • assembly language (as in 198:211),
  • algorithm design and analysis (as in 198:344),
  • programming languages and compilers (as in 198:314, 415),
  • operating systems (as in 198:416),
  • distributed systems (as in 198:417),
  • information systems (as in 198:336),
  • networks (as in 198:352), etc.

(Short descriptions of undergraduate courses offered by the department can be found in the Undergraduate Section.)

All applicants are required to take the aptitude part of the GRE examination (verbal, analytic and mathematical reasoning sections). 

Criteria for admission currently include:

  1. An academic record (undergraduate and previous graduate work) that shows distinction (B+ or higher) in Computer Science, Mathematics and related fields. (The mean GPA for a recent entering class of students was 3.62; this included Master's and PhD students, with and without financial aid. )
  2. A high score on all the GRE examinations required, and the TOEFL/IELTS exam in the case of foreign students. (The mean GRE scores for a recent entering class of students were: Verbal 150, Quantitative 160, the mean TOEFL score was 92, IBT S >21 IBT L >21.)
  3. Strong letters of recommendation.
  4. A clear statement, about one page in length, outlining the reasons why the applicant wishes to pursue graduate study in computer science. (If appropriate, please specify one or more areas of particular interest, to help us assign advisors. See the Research & Teaching section for a list of areas.)
  5. Submit copies or originals of all materials above with your application directly. After being accepted by the department you must submit originals of transcripts, GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores, as well financial documents for final acceptance by the School of Graduate Studies.
  6. For the Spring semester: International, September 15th. MS applications only ; United States citizens as well as green card holders: October 15th.
    For the Fall semester: February 1st for International MS applicants; United States citizens and green card holders MS applicants: March 1st.
    See the Graduate Admissions page here.

The standards are higher for those awarded teaching assistantships or other forms of financial aid.