Before taking a course outside the Department of Computer Science, the student needs to consult with his advisor and receive his approval.

Normally an M.Sc. student may take no more than 6 credits outside the department. (Please note that the courses listed here may have prerequisites that are not listed here.)

Analytics and Information Management (MBA Curriculum)

960:641 Analytics for Business Intelligence

Applied Mathematics

642:516 Applied Partial Differential Equations
642:527,8 Methods of Applied Mathematics
642:550 Linear Algebra and Applications
642:551 Applied Algebra
642:575 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations
642:577,8 Selected Topics in Systems Theory
642:581 Applied Graph Theory
642:582,3 Combinatorics I, II
642:587 Selected Topics in Discrete Mathematics
642:588 Introduction to Mathematical Techniques in Operations Research
642:589 Topics in Mathematical Techniques in Operations Research
642:591,2 Topics in Probability and Ergodic Theory
642:611 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics

Biomedical Engineering

526:520 Neuroelectric Sytems
125:526 Brain Dynamics
125:610 Advanced Topcs in Computers in Biomedical Engineering
125:620 Neural Networks and Neurocomputing

Cognitive Science

185:500 Cognitive Science Proseminar

Electrical and Computer Engineering

332:505,6 Control Systems Theory I,II
332:526 Robotics Systems Engineering
332:527 Digital Speech Processing
332:529 Image Coding and Processing
332:539 Advanced Topics in Digital Signal Processing: Introduction to Functional Neuroimaging, Methods and Data Analysis
332:542 Information Theory and Coding
332:543,4 Communication Networks I,II
332:553 Wireless Access to Information Networks
332:560 Computer Graphics
332:561 Machine Vision
332:562 Visualization and Advanced Computer Graphics
332:563,4 Computer Architecture I,II
332:565 Neurocomputer System Design
332:566 Parallel and Distributed Computing
332:568 Software Engineering Web Applications (3)
332:570 Robust Computer Vision
332:571 Virtual Reality Technology
332:574 Computer Aided Digital VLSI Design
332:575 VLSI Array Processors
332:576 Testing of Ultra Large Scale Circuits
332:588 Integrated Transistor-Circuit Design

Industrial Engineering

540:515 Stochastic Models
540:525 Applied Queuing Theory
540:540 Computational Methods
540:575 Advanced Engineering Economics
540:585,685 Systems Reliability Engineering I, II


615:510/1/4 Syntax I,II and Topics
615:520/1/4 Phonology I,II and Topics
615:530/1/4 Semantics I,II and Topics.


640:551 Abstract Algebra
640:561 Mathematical Logic
640:566 Axiomatic Set Theory
640:567 Model Theory
640:569 Selected Topics in Logic

Operations Research

711:513 Discrete Optimization
711:553 Boolean and Pseudo-Boolean Functions
711:556 Queueing Theory 
711:558 Convex Analysis and Optimization  


730:513 Logic and Natural Language
730:550 Seminar in Epistomology
730:570 Seminar in the Phil. of Language
730:575 Seminar in the Phil. of Mind
730:650 Advanced Topics in Epistomology
730:670 Advanced Topics in the Phil. of Language
730:675 Advanced Topics in the Phil. of Mind
730:676 Advanced Topics in the Phil. of Psychology
730:678 Advanced Topics in Decision Theory
730:679 Topics in Logic


830:514 Sensation and Perception
830:515 Computational Vision
830:535 Language and Communication
830:540 Mathematical Models of Learning, Perception, and Cognition
830:546 Memory and Attention
830:547 Computational Models of Cognition
830:550 Language Development
830:602 Psycholinguistics
830:611 Seminar in Perception
830:635 Selected Topics in Learning
830:637 Seminar: Cognition
830:641 Seminar: Thinking


960:553 Categorical Data Analysis
960:554 Applied Stochastic Processes
960:555 Nonparametric Statistics
960:563 Regression Analysis
960:565 Applied Time Series Analysis
960:576 Survey Sampling
960:580 Basic Probability
960:582 Introduction to the Methods and Theory of Probability
960:583 Methods of Statistical Inference 
960:586 Interpretation of Data I 
960:587 Interpretation of Data II 
960:588 Data Mining 
960:590 Design of Experiments 
960:591 Advanced Design of Experiments 
960:592 Theory of Probability 
960:593 Theory of Statistics 
960:595 Intermediate Probability
960:652/3 Advanced Theory of Statistics
960:654 Stochastic Processes
960:681/2 Advanced Probability Theory
960:690 Bayesian Analysis
960:668 Bayesian Data Analysis

Analytics and Information Management (MBA Curriculum)

960:641 Analytics for Business Intelligence