Computing Environment

The Laboratory for Computer Science provides and supports all the computing within the department for instruction and research. In particular, they provide three multiprocessor cycle/file servers (for undergraduate, graduate and faculty use respectively). All faculty and graduate offices student have access to the servers from workstations located throughout the department using over 100 megabits per second Ethernet connections through a pair of Cisco 500 switches.

In addition, LCSR supports several dedicated research and instructional laboratories: a parallel laboratory of 16 Sun processors connected over a 1-gigabyte Myrinet network; and an instructional laboratory of 20 Ultra donated by Sub Microsystems; an instructional laboratory of 20 PCs donated by Hewlett Packard; and a graphics laboratory consisting of 20 high-end graphics terminals.

LCSR and the Center for Computer Aids for Industrial Productivity (CAIP) jointly operate a pair of identical Enterprise 10,000 shared-memory processors donated by Sun Microsystems. Each machine has 64 processors, 32 gigabytes of memory, and almost 1 terabyte of disk. Together these resources, ranked among the world's top 100 computing resources, support both instruction, and research are are available to all faculty and graduate students.