Other Important Information

What should I do when I am about to graduate?

Degrees are awarded three times a year -- October, January and May.

The formalities of obtaining a degree include filing a diploma application online at www.registrar.rutgers.edu, acandidacy form and, for a Ph.D., submitting a thesis online. The diploma application and candidacy forms can be obtained from the Graduate Secretary in Room 302. Prior to the defense the student must go to the Graduate School, 25 Bishop Place, College Avenue Campus, to pick up their candidacy form and packet. The deadlines for submission are:

Diploma application    		Oct. 1     		Jan. 2     		April 1

Candidacy form Oct. 1 Jan. 2 April 1

1. The candidacy form for an M.S. degree cannot be completed until the M.S. thesis or essay has been
 completed, approved and signed. 
2. The due dates for the candidacy form vary slightly from year to year; the exact dates can be obtained
 by asking the graduate secretary. 
3. It is the student's responsibility to be aware of these deadlines and to take care of all that is  necessary.  Although we make some effort to remind the students, it is, nevertheless, the student's  job to know what is required and by when it must be done.

Other random questions and answers

  1. The graduate secretary of the division, in charge of all matters concerning graduate students, is located in Room 302 of Hill Center, phone 848-445-7065.
  2. The Graduate Lounge and Mail Room is Hill Center, Room 350. Each TA and RA has an individual mailbox. Others are under A,B,...,Y,Z. Please check your mail at least once a week.
  3. The graduate student bulletin board is in the hallway next to Room 302. All important notices are posted there.        Please check this Board frequently so that you will be well informed of deadlines, changes, etc. Up-to-date information is also on the electronic newsgroups, including the one kept by CSGSS.
  4. Student I.D. cards may be picked up from RUConnection, in Records Hall, College Avenue Campus.
  5. See Section 7.5 for information about the Graduate Student Association within the division.
  6. Parking. Vehicle registration forms for parking decals may be obtained at the University Parking Office; GAs and TAs should take a letter from the division (available from the Graduate Secretary) in order to get special parking privileges near the division. Be warned that a Rutgers parking ticket costs $25 and that the parking department may trace you through New Jersey and New York state vehicle registrations. TheUniversity Parking Office is at 55 Commercial Ave, New Brunswick, phone 932-7744, hours Mon-Fri. 8:30-5:00.
  7. Information about Fellowships other than those administered by the division and university can be found at the Resource Center room 205 of Milledoler on College Avenue. They have reference books about fellowships, various kinds of information and applications. Also you can consult with Dean Seth Gopin's office (932-6693).
  8. Career Service Offices are at 46 College Avenue on the downtown campus in New Brunswick (phone 932-7997), at 61 Nichol Avenue on the Douglass Campus (932-9742) and, very close to the division, in the Busch Student Center on the Busch Campus (445-6127/6128). These offices offer a great many services to graduate students concerned about careers or looking for jobs. These include: the Career Information Resource Center that has directories of employers, listings of jobs and information about internships; counseling on various career related issues; and job search training (résumé writing, interview skills, etc.), résumé referral service, 10 career fairs each year. The office at the Busch Student Center is the Rutger University-New Brunswick interview center for employment. All the offices are open for appointments from 8:30 to 4:30 Mon-Fri., except 12-1, and the College Avenue office is open Wednesdays until 8 p.m. You should phone for an appointment. All offices have "drop-in" hours for questions that will take less than 20 minutes. The Busch Student Center Office drop-in hours are Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30-3:30. Phone the other offices for their hours if you want to drop in.


If You Still Have Questions and Need Human Contact ;-)

Once you've read everything here (or so we hope) and you still have questions, then consult with the following people for the respective problems.(All phone numbers are in area code 848.  The change should be complete in December)

Graduate School Admissions Procedures Graduate Admissions Office (848-932-7711)
18 Bishop Place, CAC. 

Dept. of Computer Science PhD Program Procedures
PhD Program Office

Dept. of Computer Science MS Program Procedures
MS Program Office

Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
Ms. Lisa Estler (848-932-2286) - Fellowships and Student Support
Ms. Barbara Sirman (848-932-8122) - Degree Certification
25 Bishop Place, CAC

Graduate Registrar's Office
Mrs. Earline McLaughlin (445-3557 or -2104)
Administrative Services Bldg., Busch

Student Accounts
Ms. Joann Thurow (932-7581)
Accounting Office - Records Hall, CAC

Academic Requirements and Evaluations for Completing a Degree
Chair of Graduate Committee

Chair of the Graduate Curriculum Committee

Other questions concerning the Graduate Program 
Director of Computer Science Graduate Program