How did you decide on your major?  

I decided to major in computer science because when I was a kid I enjoyed playing video games as a pastime, so after coming to Rutgers I thought it would be cool to learn how they are developed. However, as soon as I actually got involved in the major, I realized that there are so many interesting possibilities such as machine learning, AI, big data and more. It also helps that CS pays.Do you have a favorite class/professor within your major?

What advice do you have for incoming students?

It may be hard at first, but after overcoming the worst, you will start to feel an overwhelming sense of pride in yourself and your abilities. So, no matter what anyone else has to say or think, continue to strive for your goals and do not get discouraged by failure. Most of all, do not measure your success based off of other people, there will always be room for you to grow as well as genuine people who are here to help.

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