Course Details

  • Course Number: 16:198:605
  • Course Type: Graduate
  • Semester 1: Spring
  • Semester 2: By Arrangement
  • Credits: 3
  • Description:

    This course is to be used as a means for an individual student, or a small number of students, to work with a professor on a topic of their choosing. It can also be used for non-thesis research, or proto-research that may help students in selecting Ph.D. advisors.  All full-time Ph.D. students are required to register for an independent study course by at least their third semester of study.

    When registering for independent study 198:60x with professor y, select the unique value of x such that professor y is listed for 60x.  (This is done alphabetically, with 601 being for professors near the start of the alphabet, and 606 being for professors near the end of the alphabet.)  Also, it is necessary to fill out a form, so that the department can keep track of which student is doing an independent study with which professor.  This will be available on-line soon, but for now, the form can be obtained from the Graduate Secretary.

    Note that the department does not impose any limitations on the number of independent study credits that can be applied toward a degree.

    A master’s student can take a total of 6 credits of 604, 605 and 606.

    ᵝ Open Only to MS Students

  • Expected Work: Usually independent study is offered for 3 credits, although other amounts can be arranged with the professor.