• Course Number: 16:198:553
  • Course Type: Graduate
  • Semester 1: Spring
  • Credits: 3
  • Description:

    The course introduces students to advanced topics in Internet services , especially those that relate to application layer services and  infrastructure services. The course will enable students to understand  tools required to deploy Internet scale services, in terms of their operations and management requirements. It will also enable them to design new Internet services in a manner that is scalable, available and efficient.  Topics to be covered include: Serverless architectures, Scaling and Elasticity,  Storage services, KEY Value stores, Virtualization services and containers, Cluster management and Coordination services , monitoring and analytics services.

  • M.S. Course Category: Systems/Networks
  • Category: B (M.S.), B (Ph.D.)
  • Topics:
    1. Scalable Internet services
    2. Serverless and Elasticity
    3. Storage services
    4. Key Value stores
    5. Database services
    6. Virtualization services
    7. Container services
    8. Cluster management services
    9. Coordination services
    10. Monitoring Services
  • Expected Work: Assignments and course project.