Alumni Position Year Supervised by Title
Malihe Alikhani Ph.D. 2020 Matthew Stone Multimodal Communication: Commonsense, Grounding, and Computation Abstract
Abhishek Bhrushundi Ph.D. 2020 Swastik Kopparty Towards understanding the approximation of Boolean functions by nonclassical polynomials
Aleander Conway Ph.D. 2020 Martin Farach-Colton Understanding Dictionaries at the Intersection of Theory and Practice
Aditya Potukuchi Ph.D. 2020 Swastik Kopparty Combinatorial methods in algorithms and complexity theory
Ji Zhang Ph.D. 2020 Ahmed Elgammal Scene graph parsing and its application in cross-modal reasoning tasks
Zakary Littlefield Ph.D. 2020 Kostas Bekris Efficient and asymptotically optimal kinodynamic motion planning
Eduard Gibert Renart Ph.D. 2020 Manish Parashar Programming and managing data-driven applications between the edge and the cloud
Zhihan Fang Ph.D. 2020 Desheng Zhang Human mobility modeling based on heterogeneous urban sensing systems
Rahul Shome Ph.D. 2020 Kostas Bekris The problem of many: efficient multi-arm, multi-object task and motion planning with optimality guarantees
Shaoua Duan Ph.D. 2020 Manish Parashar Addressing fault tolerance for staging based scientific workflows
Chaowei Tan Ph.D. 2020 Dimitris Metaxas Machine learning based image segmentation for large-scale osteoarthritis analysis
Liu Liu Ph.D. 2020 Ulrich Kremer Trading quality for resource consumption through approximation management
Benham Babagholami Mohamadabadi Ph.D. 2020 Vladimir Pavlovic Unsupervised visual domain adaptation: a probabilistic approach
Cong Zhang Ph.D. 2020 Rebecca Wright Order-Revealing Encryption: New Constructions and Barriers
Chaitanya Mitash Ph.D. 2020 Abdeslam Boularias Scalable, Physics-aware 6D Pose Estimation for Robot Manipulation
Tugba Kulahcioglu Ph.D. 2020 Gerard de Melo Computational Approaches for Semantics-Aware Typographical Choices
Guangyan Hu Ph.D. 2020 Thu D. Nguyen Distributed Frameworks for Approximate Data Analytics
Zachary Daniels Ph.D. 2020 Dimitris Metaxas Explanation-Driven Learning-Based Models for Visual Recognition Tasks
Han Zhang Ph.D. 2019 Dimitris Metaxas Generative adversarial networks for image synthesis
Ali Reza Zamani Zadeh Najari Ph.D. 2019 Manish Parashar Scheduling edge and in-transit computing resources for stream processing applications
Adarsh Yoga Ph.D. 2019 Santosh Nagarakatte Parallelism-driven performance analysis techniques for task parallel programs
Daniela Vianna Ph.D. 2019 Amélie Marian Searching heterogeneous personal data
Chen Cong Ph.D. 2019 Naftaly Minsky Broad-Spectrum, Dependable, and Secure Protocol Enforcement Mechanism for Multi-Agent Systems
Dong Yang Ph.D. 2019 Dimitris Metaxas Deformable models and machine learning for large-scale cardiac MRI image analytics
Zi Yan Ph.D. 2019 Abhishek Bhattacharjee Virtual Memory for Next-Generation Tiered Memory Architectures
Ana P. Centeno Ph.D. 2019 Richard P. Martin Optimizing Task Scheduling in Emergency Departments
Bo Liu Ph.D. 2019 Dimitris Metaxas Optimization in Sparse Learning: from Convexity to Non-convexity
Daeyoung Kim Ph.D. 2019 Vinod Ganapathy Regulating Smart Devices in Restricted Spaces
Chintan Dalal Ph.D. 2019 Dimitris Metaxas High-Dimensional Manifold Geostatistics
Hai Pham Ph.D. 2019 Vladimir Pavlovic Learning human facial performance: analysis and synthesis
Matthew Mitsui Ph.D. 2018 Chirag Shah Adopting a Graphical Perspective in Interactive Information Retrieval Research
Chaolun Xia Ph.D. 2018 Shan Muthukrishnan Pricing Problems in Online Markets
John Wiedenhoeft Ph.D. 2018 Alexander Schliep Dynamically compressed Bayesian hidden Markov models using Haar wavelets
Jie Shen Ph.D. 2018 Ping Li Learning from Structured Data: Algorithms, Theories, and Applications
Hai Nguyen Ph.D. 2018 Vinod Ganapathy Exploring Security Support for Cloud-based Applications
Guilherme Mota Cavalcanti A Cox Ph.D. 2018 Abhishek Bhattacharjee Improving and Complementing Virtual Memory Using Hardware Techniques
Qiong Hu Ph.D. 2018 Tomasz Imielinski Boundless Data Analytics through Progressive Mining
Jun Hu Ph.D. 2018 Ping Li Collaborative Ranking-based Recommender Systems
Ioannis Manousakis Ph.D. 2018 Thu D. Nguyen Resource Provisioning and Placement for Cost-efficient Datacenters
Vilelmini Kalampratsidou Ph.D. 2018 Elizabeth Torres Co-adaptive multimodal interface guided by real-time multisensory stochastic feedback
Xi Peng Ph.D. 2018 Dimitris Metaxas Learning Disentangled Representations in Deep Visual Analysis
David Menendez Ph.D. 2018 Santosh Nagarakatte Practical formal techniques and tools for developing LLVM's peephole optimizations
Priya Govindan Ph.D. 2018 Shan Muthukrishnan Core Structure and Influence in Social Networks
Fatma B. Durak Ph.D. 2017 David Cash Cryptanalytic study of property-preserving encryption
Yan Zhu Ph.D. 2017 Dimitris Metaxas Towards Active and Interactive Visual Learning
Meng-Tsung Tsai Ph.D. 2017 Martin Farach-Colton On the Algorithmic Aspects of Turan's Theorem
Qian Sun Ph.D. 2017 Manish Parashar Staging-Based Data Management for Extreme Scale Coupled Scientific Workflows
Neil Lutz Ph.D. 2017 Rebecca Wright Algorithmic Information, Fractal Geometry, and Distributed Dynamics
Ruilin Liu Ph.D. 2017 Badri Nath Capturing and Analyzing Human Driving Behavior to Improve Road Travel Experience
Jingjing Liu Ph.D. 2017 Dimitris Metaxas Exploiting Multispectral and Contextual Information to Improve Human Detection
Long Le Ph.D. 2017 Chirag Shah Extracting Users in Community Question-Answering in Particular Contexts
Athanasios Krontiris Ph.D. 2017 Kostas Bekris Hierarchical Frameworks for Efficient Prehensile Rearrangement with a Robotic Manipulator
Benjamin Lund Ph.D. 2017 Shubhangi Saraf Incidences and extremal problems on finite point sets
Andrew Dobson Ph.D. 2017 Kostas Bekris Compact Representations for Efficient Robot Motion Planning with Formal Guarantees
Erick Chastain Ph.D. 2017 Eric Allender The Multiplicative Weight Updates method for Evolutionary Biology
Daehan Kwak Ph.D. 2017 Badri Nath Supporting route choice via real-time visual traffic information and counterfactual arrival times
Mrinal Kumar Ph.D. 2017 Swastik Kopparty Lower bounds for bounded depth arithmetic circuits
Amey Bhangale Ph.D. 2017 Swastik Kopparty Property Testing, PCPs and CSPs
Abdul Basit Ph.D. 2017 William Steiger Some Applications of Algebraic Methods in Combinatorial Geometry
Babak Saleh Ph.D. 2017 Ahmed Elgammal A Novel Framework for Understanding Atypical Images
Jongpil Kim Ph.D. 2017 Vladimir Pavlovic Discovering Visual Saliency for Image Analysis
Fengpeng Yuan Ph.D. 2017 Janne Lindqvist Predicting Mobile Interruptibility
Mohamed H. Elhoseiny Ph.D. 2016 Ahmed Elgammal Language Guided Visual Perception
Sejong Yoon Ph.D. 2016 Vladimir Pavlovic Generalized Distributed Learning Under Uncertainty for Camera Networks
Zhennan Yan Ph.D. 2016 Dimitris Metaxas Robust Medical Image Recognition and Segmentation
Minji Wu Ph.D. 2016 Amélie Marian Corroborating information from multiple sources
Qiang Ma Ph.D. 2016 Shan Muthukrishnan Modeling Users For Online Advertising
Faisal Khan Ph.D. 2016 Casimir Kulikowski Semi-Supervised Transductive Regression for Survival Analysis in Medical Prognostics
Rodrigo F. Toso Ph.D. 2016 Casimir Kulikowski Adaptive Clustering with a Variance-Aware Criterion: An Alternative to k-Means
Amr Bakry Ph.D. 2016 Ahmed Elgammal Leveraging Image Manifolds for Visual Learning
Chetan Tonde Ph.D. 2016 Ahmed Elgammal Supervised Feature Learning via Dependency Maximization
Md E. Haque Ph.D. 2016 Thu D. Nguyen Managing Tail Latency in Interactive Services for Multicore Servers
Mark Dilsizian Ph.D. 2016 Dimitris Metaxas Hybrid Discriminative-Generative Methods and Applications for Human Pose Reconstruction from Monocular Imagery
Binh Q. Pham Ph.D. 2016 Abhishek Bhattacharjee Architectural Support for Efficient Virtual Memory on Big-Memory Systems
Chathra Hendahewa Ph.D. 2016 Chirag Shah Implicit Search Feature Based Approach to Assist Users in Exploratory Search Tasks
Tarek El-Gaaly Ph.D. 2016 Ahmed Elgammal A Joint Framework for Object Recognition: Categorization, Instance Recognition and Pose Estimation
Rezwana Karim Ph.D. 2015 Vinod Ganapathy Techniques and Tools for Secure Web Browser Extension Development
Yang Yu Ph.D. 2015 Dimitris Metaxas Sparsity-based Methods for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction and Analysis
Xiang Yu Ph.D. 2015 Dimitris Metaxas Unconstrained Face Landmark Localization: Algorithms and Applications
Jinyun Yan Ph.D. 2015 Shan Muthukrishnan Analyzing and modeling groups
Yixin Xu Ph.D. 2015 Mario Szegedy Impossibility Theorems and the Universal Algebraic Toolkit
Jason Perry Ph.D. 2015 Rebecca Wright Putting Secure Computation to Work
Cheng Li Ph.D. 2015 Thu D. Nguyen Improving and Tuning the Performance of Server Systems
Darja Krushevskaja Ph.D. 2015 Shan Muthukrishnan Observing and Optimizing Online Ad Assignments
Scott Kulp Ph.D. 2015 Dimitris Metaxas Ventricular Blood Flow Simulation and Analysis for Cardiovascular Diagnostics
Amruta Gokhale Ph.D. 2015 Vinod Ganapathy Similarity Detection Techniques for Mobile Platform Artifacts
John-Austen Francisco Ph.D. 2015 Richard P. Martin A Novel Characterization of Signal Space Distortion and its Application to the Quantification of Localization Algorithm Error
Lin Zhong Ph.D. 2015 Dimitris Metaxas Single Image deblurring with or without face prior and its applications
Turgay Senlet Ph.D. 2015 Ahmed Elgammal Visual Localization, Semantic Video Segmentation and Labeling Using Satellite Maps
Kevin Sanik Ph.D. 2015 Manish Singh The relative effectiveness of line drawing algorithms at depicting 3D shape
Mustafa G. Uzunbas Ph.D. 2015 Dimitris Metaxas Automatic and Interactive Segmentations Using Deformable and Graphical Models
Vukosi Marivate Ph.D. 2015 Michael L. Littman Improved Empirical Methods in Reinforcement-Learning Evaluation
Shakeel Butt Ph.D. 2015 Vinod Ganapathy Self-Service Cloud Computing
Md P. Mahmud Ph.D. 2014 Alexander Schliep Reduced Representations for Efficient Analysis of Genomic Data: From Microarray to High Throughput Sequencing
John R. Yaros Ph.D. 2014 Tomasz Imielinski Data Mining Perspectives on Equity Similarity Prediction
Andrew Tjang Ph.D. 2014 Thu D. Nguyen Model Based Validation for Improving Availability of Internet Services
Mudassir Shabbir Ph.D. 2014 William Steiger Some Results in Computational and Combinatorial Geometry
Rajat S. Roy Ph.D. 2014 Alexander Schliep Improving genome assembly by identifying reliable sequencing data
Begumhan Turgut Ph.D. 2014 Richard P. Martin Advances In Instantaneous and Dynamic Localization In Indoor Environments
Aleksandar Nikolov Ph.D. 2014 Shan Muthukrishnan New Computational Aspects of Discrepancy Theory
Robert Moore Ph.D. 2014 Richard P. Martin Owl Platform: Design and Evaluation of a Practical Sensor System
Monica Vroman Ph.D. 2014 Michael L. Littman Maximum Likelihood Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Mingchen Gao Ph.D. 2014 Dimitris Metaxas Cardiac Reconstruction and Analysis from High Resolution CT Images
Sergiu Goschin Ph.D. 2014 Michael L. Littman Stochastic Dilemmas: Foundations and Applications
Qingyuan Deng Ph.D. 2014 #N/A Active Low-Power Modes for Main Memory
Ariel Weinstein Ph.D. 2014 Michael L. Littman Local Planning for Continuous Markov Decision Processes
Brian Thompson Ph.D. 2014 Shan Muthukrishnan Models and Algorithms for Event-Driven Networks
Gayatree Ganu Ph.D. 2014 Amélie Marian Understanding Preferences and Similarities from User-Authored Text: Applications to Search and Recommendations
Ali El Qursh Ph.D. 2014 Ahmed Elgammal Online Non-rigid Motion and Scene Layer Segmentation
Peter Borosan Ph.D. 2014 Andrew Nealen Automatic Meshing and Rigging for the Creation and Deformation of 3D Shapes
Ishani Chakraborty Ph.D. 2014 Ahmed Elgammal Object Category Recognition Through Visual-Semantic Context Networks
Hans C. Woithe Ph.D. 2014 Ulrich Kremer Design and Implementation of an Energy Aware Programming Framework for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Edinah K. Gnang Ph.D. 2013 Ahmed Elgammal Computational aspects of the Combinatorial Nullstellensatz method via a polynomial approach to matrix and hypermatrix algebra
Fei Yang Ph.D. 2013 Dimitris Metaxas Facial Expression Transfer by using 3D-Aware Expression Flow
Michael Wunder Ph.D. 2013 Matthew Stone Transferable Strategic Meta-reasoning Models
Tam Vu Ph.D. 2013 Marco Gruteser Enriching Communication Methods for Composable Mobile Systems
Shahriar Shariat Talkhoonche Ph.D. 2013 Vladimir Pavlovic Robust Time-Series Retrieval using Adaptive Segmental Alignment
Darakhshan J. Mir Ph.D. 2013 Rebecca Wright Differential Privacy: The privacy-Utility Landscape
Luke B. Friedman Ph.D. 2013 Eric Allender Some Applications of Randomness in Computational Complexity
Devendra Desai Ph.D. 2013 Mario Szegedy Approximability of Modularity Clustering and related results
Liu Yang Ph.D. 2013 Vinod Ganapathy New Pattern Matching Algorithms for Network Security Applications
Lu Han Ph.D. 2013 Liviu Iftode Social Caching and Vehicular Social Networks: Two Contributions to The Theory and Practice of Online Social Networks
Mohan Dhawan Ph.D. 2013 Vinod Ganapathy Rethinking Web Platform Extensibility
Xinyi Cui Ph.D. 2013 Dimitris Metaxas Towards Accurate Group Activity Analysis in Videos: Robust Saliency Detection and Effective Feature Modeling
John Asmuth Ph.D. 2013 Michael L. Littman Model-based Bayesian reinforcement learning with generalized priors
Kien T. Le Ph.D. 2013 #N/A Managing Energy Usage and Cost Through Load Distribution in Multi-Data-center Services
Baiyang Liu Ph.D. 2012 Casimir Kulikowski Selection-based Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation in Visual Tracking
Wei Zheng Ph.D. 2012 #N/A Experiment-Based Management of Data Centers
Saman Zarandioon Ph.D. 2012 Danfeng Yao Improving the security and usability of cloud services with user-centric security models
Tin Lam Ph.D. 2012 Naftaly Minsky Making SOA-Based Systems Coherent and Trustworthy
Shaoting Zhang Ph.D. 2012 Dimitris Metaxas Towards robust and effective shape prior modeling
Luiz Ramos Ph.D. 2012 #N/A Exploiting Phase-Change Technology in Server Memory Systems
Lei Wang Ph.D. 2012 Mario Szegedy Some Problems On Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics
Fengming Wang Ph.D. 2012 Eric Allender On Circuit Complexity Classes and Iterated Matrix Multiplication
Nicholas Michael Ph.D. 2012 Dimitris Metaxas A Face Tracking System for Dynamic Event Recognition
Nikolaos Leonardos Ph.D. 2012 Michael Saks Information theory methods in communication complexity
Rekha Bachwani Ph.D. 2012 #N/A Preventing and Diagnosing Software Upgrade Failures
Wenxuan Zhang Ph.D. 2011 Naftaly Minsky Governance-Based Management of Open Distributed Systems
Marwan Torki Ph.D. 2011 Ahmed Elgammal Learning the manifolds of local features and their spatial arrangement
Pravin Shankar Ph.D. 2011 Liviu Iftode Improving Performance, Privacy and Relevance of Location-based Services for Mobile Users
Thang Le Ph.D. 2011 Casimir Kulikowski Clustering by Graph Density Variation Analysis with Density-based Cluster Validity Indices
Junzhou Huang Ph.D. 2011 Dimitris Metaxas Structured Sparsity: Theorems, Algorithms and Applications
Mangesh Gupte Ph.D. 2011 Michael Saks Applications of Algorithms to Social Networks, Secretary Problems and Differential Privacy
Smriti Bhagat Ph.D. 2011 Shan Muthukrishnan Masking and Labeling Problems in Social Network Data Management
Peng Yang Ph.D. 2011 Dimitris Metaxas Facial Expression Recognition and Expression Intensity Estimation
Xiaoxu Wang Ph.D. 2011 Dimitris Metaxas Meshless Deformable Models for LV Motion and Strain Computation from TMRI
Steve Smaldone Ph.D. 2011 Liviu Iftode Improving the Performance, Availability, and Security of Data Access for Opportunistic Mobile Computing
Rajat Mittal Ph.D. 2011 Mario Szegedy Application of SDP to product rules and quantum query complexity
Pavel P. Kuksa Ph.D. 2011 Vladimir Pavlovic Scalable Kernel Methods and Algorithms for General Sequence Analysis
Tracey Lall Ph.D. 2011 Matthew Stone JobPlan - A New Integrated Representation and Planner for Batch Job Workflow Automation
Imdadullah Khan Ph.D. 2011 Endre Szemeredi Spanning subgraphs in graphs and hypergraphs
Gayathri Chandrasekaran Ph.D. 2011 Richard P. Martin Direct Inference of Location-related Context from Wireless Signal Strength
Jiankuan Ye Ph.D. 2011 Casimir Kulikowski Experimental Study and Geometrical Analysis on a Linear Programming Support Vector Machine
Toufiq Parag Ph.D. 2011 Ahmed Elgammal Labeling Hypergraph-structured Data using Markov Network
Ali Nouri Ph.D. 2011 Michael L. Littman Efficient model-based exploration in continuous state-space environments
Wei Wang Ph.D. 2010 Amélie Marian Unified Structure and Content Search for Personal Information Management Systems
Tom Walsh Ph.D. 2010 Michael L. Littman Efficient Learning of Relational Models for Sequential Decision Making
Fabio A. Oliveira Ph.D. 2010 #N/A Towards Mistake-Aware Systems
Xiaofeng Mi Ph.D. 2010 Douglas DeCarlo Representation and Depiction of 2D Shapes using Parts
Zhiguo Li Ph.D. 2010 Dimitris Metaxas Video-based Facial Expression Analysis
Asif Jamshed Ph.D. 2010 Endre Szemeredi Embedding Spanning Subgraphs into Large Dense Graphs
Carlos Diuk Ph.D. 2010 Michael L. Littman An Object-oriented Representation for Efficient Reinforcement Learning
Yuchi Huang Ph.D. 2010 Dimitris Metaxas Hypergraph Based Visual Object Categorization and Segmentation
Geetha Jagannathan Ph.D. 2010 Rebecca Wright Data Privacy in Knowledge Discovery
Jihui Zhao Ph.D. 2010 William Steiger Partitioning Problems in Discrete and Computational Geometry
Qi Wei Ph.D. 2010 Dinesh Pai Biomechanical Modeling and Simulation of Human Eye Movement
Atul Kanaujia Ph.D. 2010 Dimitris Metaxas Conditional Models For 3D Human Pose Estimation
Bruno Dufour Ph.D. 2010 Barbara Ryder Practical analysis of framework-intensive applications
Shu Chen Ph.D. 2010 Wade Trappe Providing Trustworthiness to the Operation of Location Based Services in Mobile Networks
Christopher Peery Ph.D. 2009 Thu D. Nguyen Wayfinder: A Federated Information Sharing and Management System
Zhipeng Zhao Ph.D. 2009 Ahmed Elgammal Towards a Local-Global Visual Feature-Based Framework for Recognition
Andre Madeira Ph.D. 2009 Shan Muthukrishnan Private Approximation and Streaming Protocols: Theory and Applications
Nikita Lytkin Ph.D. 2009 Casimir Kulikowski Variance-based Clustering Methods and Higher Order Data Transformations and Their Applications
Lihong Li Ph.D. 2009 Michael L. Littman A Unifying Framework for Computational Reinforcement Learning Theory
Danny M. Kaufman Ph.D. 2009 Dinesh Pai Coupled Principles for Computational Frictional Contact Mechanics
Konstantinos Kleisouris Ph.D. 2008 Richard P. Martin Improving the Speed and Accuracy of Indoor Localization
Gang Xu Ph.D. 2008 Liviu Iftode Trusted Application Centric Ad Hoc Network
Cuneyt O. Tuzel Ph.D. 2008 Peter Meer Learning on Riemannian Manifolds for Interpretation of Visual Environments
Brian K. Russell Ph.D. 2008 Michael L. Littman Learning-Based Route Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Vivek Pathak Ph.D. 2008 Liviu Iftode Robust Decentralized Authentication for Public Keys and Geographic Location
Kooksang Moon Ph.D. 2008 Vladimir Pavlovic Coupled Embedding Of Sequential Processes Using Gaussian Process Models
Bethany R. Leffler Ph.D. 2008 Michael L. Littman Perception-Based Generalization in Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Rui Huang Ph.D. 2008 Dimitris Metaxas Graphical Models for Object Segmentation
Minyoung Kim Ph.D. 2008 Vladimir Pavlovic Discriminative Models and Dimensionality Reduction for Regression
Pai-Hsi Huang Ph.D. 2008 Vladimir Pavlovic Protein Homology Detection with Sparse models
Jerry Hom Ph.D. 2008 Ulrich Kremer An Execution Context Optimization Framework for Disk Energy
Timothy Edmunds Ph.D. 2008 Dinesh Pai Improving Interactive Multisensory Simulation and Rendering Through Focus On Perceptual Processes
David DeVault Ph.D. 2008 Matthew Stone Contribution Tracking: Participating in Task-Oriented Dialogue under Uncertainty
Su Chen Ph.D. 2008 Shan Muthukrishnan Data Compression in Dynamic Systems
Arati Baliga Ph.D. 2008 Liviu Iftode Automated Detection and Containment of Stealth Attacks on the Operating System Kernel
Mihail N. Ionescu Ph.D. 2008 Naftaly Minsky A Regulatory Architecture for a Digital Enterprise
Constantin Serban Ph.D. 2007 Naftaly Minsky Advances in Decentralized and Stateful Access Control
Xiaoxia Ren Ph.D. 2007 Barbara Ryder Change Impact Analysis for Java Programs and Applications
Peter Richter Ph.D. 2007 Mario Szegedy Quantum walks and ground state problems
Irina Rozenbaum Ph.D. 2007 Shan Muthukrishnan FILTERING TECHNIQUES FOR DATA STREAMS
Fancong Zeng Ph.D. 2007 Michael L. Littman Just-in-time and Just-in-place Deadlock Resolution
Vladislav Shkapenyuk Ph.D. 2007 Shan Muthukrishnan Scalable and Robust Data Stream Processing
Alexander L Strehl Ph.D. 2007 Michael Littman Probably Approximately Correct (PAC) Exploration in Reinforcement Learning
Yihua Wu Ph.D. 2007 Shan Muthukrishnan Streaming Techniques for Statistical Modeling
Viorel Mihalef Ph.D. 2007 Dimitris Metaxas The Marker Level Set method: applications to simulation of liquids
Nishkam Ravi Ph.D. 2007 Liviu Iftode Bootstrapping Location-aware Personal Computing
Bing Bai Ph.D. 2007 Paul Kantor Feature extraction and matching in content-based retrieval of functional Magnetic Resonance Images
Jon C Mesterharm Ph.D. 2007 Haym Hirsh Improving On-line Learning
Rohan Fernandes Ph.D. 2007 Martin Farach-Colton Algorithms and LP-Duality Based Lower Bounds in Ad-hoc Radio Networks
Suhrid Balakrishnan Ph.D. 2007 David Blei (Princeton University) Algorithms and Applications for Classifiers of Massive and Structured Data Problems
Chan-Su Lee Ph.D. 2007 Ahmed Elgammal Modeling Human Motion Using Manifold Learning and Factorized Generative Models
Yingying Chen Ph.D. 2007 Richard P. Martin Securing Wireless Networks against Signal Attacks
Aniruddha Bohra Ph.D. 2007 Liviu Iftode System Architectures Based on Functionality Offloading
Chen Fu Ph.D. 2007 Barbara Ryder Improving Software Reliability Using Exception Analysis of Object Oriented Programs
Taliver Heath Ph.D. 2007 #N/A Component-level Modeling of Power, Energy, and Temperature
Chunling Hu Ph.D. 2007 Daniel A. Jimenez An Infrastructure for Program Power Behavior Characterization and Optimization Evaluation
Yang Huang Ph.D. 2007 Martin Farach-Colton The Galois lattice and its application in gene-expression analysis
Pandurang Kamat Ph.D. 2007 Wade Trappe Privacy in Emerging Wireless Networks
Rong Zhang Ph.D. 2006 Dimitris Metaxas Image and Video Classification
HwaSeob Joseph Yun Ph.D. 2006 Casimir Kulikowski Consistent Triplets in Graph Clustering for Protein Sequence Analysis
Marcelo Mydlarz Ph.D. 2006 Endre Szemeredi Packing Theorems in Graph Theory and Packing Integer Programs
Akshay Vashist Ph.D. 2006 Casimir Kulikowski Multipartite Graph Clustering for Structured Clustering and Automating Ortholog Extraction
Sambuddha Roy Ph.D. 2006 Eric Allender Complexity Theoretic Aspects of Planar restrictions and Obliviousness
Yang Ni Ph.D. 2006 Ulrich Kremer Programming Ad-Hoc Networks
Kiran Nagaraja Ph.D. 2006 Thu D. Nguyen A Systematic Approach to Quantifying and Improving the Availability of Cluster-Based Internet Services
Eiman Elnahrawy Ph.D. 2006 Richard Martin Indoor Localization Using Signal Strength
Miguel Mosteiro Ph.D. 2006 Martin Farach-Colton Upper and Lower Bounds in Radio Networks
Jaewon Kang Ph.D. 2006 Badri Nath Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ramana Isukapalli Ph.D. 2006 Ahmed Elgammal Learning Effective Interpretation Policies
Xiaolei Huang Ph.D. 2006 Dimitris Metaxas Shape and Appearance Information Integration in Medical Image Analysis and Computer Vision
Dmitriy Fradkin Ph.D. 2006 Casimir Kulikowski Within-Class and Unsupervised Clustering Improve Accuracy and Extract Local Structure for Supervised Classification
Aynur Dayanik Ph.D. 2006 Craig Neville-Manning Using Domain Knowledge for Text Mining
Xiaomin Chen Ph.D. 2006 Mario Szegedy Some Problems in Discrete Geometry
Xiaoyan Li Ph.D. 2006 Richard Martin Characterizing and Accommodating Spatial Aspects of Wireless Networks
Yakov Keselman Ph.D. 2005 Sven Dickinson Generic Model Abstraction from Examples
Anthony Santella Ph.D. 2005 Doug DeCarlo The Art of Seeing: Visual Perception in Design and Evaluation of Non-Photorealistic Rendering
Eduardo Souza De Albuquerque Pinheiro Ph.D. 2005 #N/A Energy Conservation for Server Systems
Gabriela Oana Cula Ph.D. 2005 Kristin Dana Bidirectional Imaging and Modeling of Real-World Textured Surfaces
Samir Goel Ph.D. 2005 Tomasz Imielinski Etiquettte Protocol for Ultra Low Power Operation in Energy Constrained Sensor Networks
Yi Jin Ph.D. 2005 Bahman Kalantari Combinatorics of Polynomial Root-Finding Algorithms
Navin Goyal Ph.D. 2005 Michael Saks Information Theoretic Limitations on Computation
Budhaditya Deb Ph.D. 2005 Badri Nath Algorithms for Resource Utilization in Sensor Networks
Xuhui Ao Ph.D. 2005 Naftaly Minsky A Hierarchical Model for Distributed Access Control Policies
Takahiro Murata Ph.D. 2004 Naftaly Minsky On Regulating Open Distributed Systems
Florin Sultan Ph.D. 2004 Liviu Iftode System Support for Service Availability, Remote Healing and Fault Tolerance Using Lazy State Propagation
Detlef Ronneberger Ph.D. 2004 Eric Allender Power from Random Strings
Dragos Stefan Niculescu Ph.D. 2004 Badri Nath Forwarding and Positioning Problems in Ad Hoc Networks
Bogdan Georgescu Ph.D. 2004 Peter Meer Interpretation of the 3D Visual Environment from Uncalibrated Image Sequences
Bogdan Dorohonceanu Ph.D. 2004 Craig Neville-Manning Interface Heterogeneity and Group Interaction
Samir Datta Ph.D. 2004 Eric Allender Bounded Depth Arithmetic Circuits
Francisco Matias Cuenca-Acuna Ph.D. 2004 Thu D. Nguyen A Probabilistic Approach to Building Large Scale Federated Systems
Cristian Mihai Borcea Ph.D. 2004 Liviu Iftode Programming Outdoor Distributed Embedded Systems
Sudeep Bhatnagar Ph.D. 2004 Badri Nath Distributed Admission Control in Core-Stateless Networks
Ravi Venkata Batchu Ph.D. 2004 Daniel Jimenez Temporal Locality at Procedure Level-It's Study and Explolitation
Samrat Ganguly Ph.D. 2003 Badri Nath Mobility Sensitive QoS Provisioning in Wireless cellular networks
Chung-Hsing Hsu Ph.D. 2003 Ulrich Kremer Compiler-Directed Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling for CPU Power and Energy Reduction
Michal Kouck√Ω Ph.D. 2003 Eric Allender On Traversal Sequences, Exploration Sequences, and Completeness of Kolmogorov Random Strings
Anna Milanova Ph.D. 2003 Barbara Ryder Precise and Practical Flow Analysis of Object-Oriented Software
Glenn Charles Rhoads Ph.D. 2003 Vasek Chv√°tal Planar Tilings and the Search for an Aperiodic Prototile
Gary Mitchell Weiss Ph.D. 2003 Haym Hirsh Learning in the Presence of Rarity: The Effect of Small Disjuncts and Class Distribution on Classifier Learning
Sofus Attila Macskassy Ph.D. 2002 Haym Hirsh New Techniques in Intelligent Information Filtering
Sarah Zelikovitz Ph.D. 2002 Haym Hirsh Using Background Knowledge to Improve Text Classification
Matthew Richard Arnold Ph.D. 2002 Barbara Ryder Online Profiling and Feedback-Directed Optimization of Java
Khaled M Elbassioni Ph.D. 2002 Leonid Khachiyan Incremental Algorithms for Enumerating Extremal Solutions of Monotone Systems of Submodular inequalities and Their Applications
Chumki Basu Ph.D. 2002 Haym Hirsh Recommendation as Classification and Recommendation as Matching: Two Information-Centered Approaches to Recommendation
John Iacono Ph.D. 2001 Michael Fredman Distribution Sensitive Data Structures
Stefan Langerman F Swarzberg Ph.D. 2001 William Steiger Algorithms and Data Structures in Computational Geometry
Pradeep Sudhakar Sudame Ph.D. 2001 B. R. Badrinath Transformer Tunnels and their Application to Aggregation in IP Networks
Rahul T Shah Ph.D. 2001 Martin Farach-Colton Undiscretized Dynamic Programming and Ordinal Embeddings
Atanas Ivanov Rountev Ph.D. 2001 Barbara Ryder Dataflow Analysis of Software Fragments
Sachin Premsukh Lodha Ph.D. 2001 Endre Szemeredi On-Line Algorithms and Fast Digital Identity Revocation
Ayman Ahmed Khalfalah Ph.D. 2001 Endre Szemeredi Problems in Additive and Computational Number Theory
Julio Cesar Navas Ph.D. 2001 Tomasz Imielinski Geographic Routing in a Datagram Internetwork
Clark Gregory Hagerty Ph.D. 2001 Casimir Kulikowski Data Abstraction and analysis Using Qualitative Scaling
Amr A Elmasry Ph.D. 2001 Michael Fredman Adaptive Algorithms and Structures
Amin Arshad Abdulghani Ph.D. 2001 Tomasz Imielinski Cubegrades-Generalization of association rules to mine large datasets
Srikrishna Divakaran Ph.D. 2001 Michael Saks Approximation Algorithms for Problems in Scheduling with Set-Ups
Brian D Davison Ph.D. 2001 Haym Hirsh The Design and Evaluation of Web Cache Prefetching Techniques
Siu Ngan (Vicky) Choi Ph.D. 2001 Martin Farach-Colton Barnacle: An Assembly Algorithm for Clone-based Sequences of Whole Genomes
Sukmoon Chang Ph.D. 2001 Casimir Kulikowski Sketching Skeletons of Elongated Objects Using Scan Line Algorithm
Safiullah Faizullah Ph.D. 2001 Saul Levy Measuring and Pricing the Delivered QoS in QoS-enabled Internetworks
Gabriela Hristescu Ph.D. 2000 Martin Farach-Colton COFE: A Scalable Feature Extraction Method for Protein and other Complex Object Databases
Victoria Ungureanu Ph.D. 2000 Naftaly Minsky A Mechanism For Supporting Communication Policies In Distributed Systems
Ramkrishna Chatterjee Ph.D. 2000 Barbara Ryder Modular Data-Flow Analysis Of Statically Typed Object-Oriented Programming Languages
Bela Csaba Ph.D. 2000 Endre Szemeredi Finding Spanning Subgraphs of Dense Graphs and some New Results on the k-server Problem
Arunava Banerjee Ph.D. 2000 Haym Hirsh The Phase-Space Dynamics of Systems of Spiking Neurons
Ali Shokoufandeh Ph.D. 1999 Endre Szemeredi Graph Theoretical Methods In Object Recognition And Related Problems In Extremal Graph Theory
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