Memoriam Details

In 1969, Marv Paull joined Rutgers University to help form the expanding graduate program in the Department of Computer Science (DCS). Marvin completed 40 years of service, retiring as Professor Emeritus. At Rutgers Marv Paull worked on programming languages, parallel systems and computer architectures. He taught graduate courses on the Syntax and Semantics of Programing Languages, and the Theory of Finite State Machines as well as many undergraduate courses. He supervised the dissertations of Paul Murphy, John Franco, Barbara Ryder, Marie-Therese Daulard, and Arthur Berman. He authored the book Algorithm Design: A Recursion Transformation Framework, Wiley, 1986, and co-authored the seminal paper “Elimination Algorithms for Data Flow Analysis” with Barbara Ryder (ACM Computing Surveys, September 1986).

Marvin had an enduring love for the early 1960’s folk culture - Dylan and Cohen (especially his “Suzanne”) and Judy Collins and was really a kind and gentle soul. He loved to ski when younger. He often baked challah for family gatherings. Marvin Paull passed away at Parker Memorial Home in Piscataway, NJ on June 14, 2021. He is survived by his two sons, Chris Paull (Diane Shemenski) and Eric Paull and was the former husband of their mother, Charlene Thiel Paull. Marvin encouraged his sons in whatever they chose to do. He is also survived by grandchildren Gerik and Annika Paull in California, nieces Stephanie Myara and Rachel White, and his longtime companion, Susan Marchand and her daughter Shoshana and grandchildren who considered him family. Marvin donated his body to the Anatomical Association at Rutgers Medical School.