URL Pyramid Scheme

Now that the concept of a reciprocal links page has grown old, it's time for something significantly more stupid - the URL pyramid scheme. Within mere minutes, ideally, you could have thousands of hits on your web page. (Of course, this ideal is somewhat foiled by the fact that it would take more than a few minutes for your web server to respond to those thousands of hits.)

What Must I Do?

Well, first, visit these great web sites: Then, grab a text copy of this document. Add your URL in place of the first blank, and its title in place of the second. Feel free to knock some names off, if there are too many. Set this document up somewhere conspicuous on the web. And be sure to put a copy of the blank in a file named 'pyramid.bla', with a new blank line, so others can play along at home. Then e-mail kodiak@flail.com with the URL you added so he can keep tabs on this beast.

But what if all this makes no sense to me?

E-mail kodiak@flail.com. He started this, he can make it make sense to you. (Unless this document is appearing in a language other than English, for some reason, and you don't speak English. Then you're on your own. Blame the translator.)

And what if I just want to see the Canonical List of People who Participate in this Silliness?

Just go to pyramid.list.html