Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 13:17:32 -0500 (EST)
From: Donald Watrous <>
Subject: Re: Fw: You can be a part of a child's education

   >Subject: You can be a part of a child's education
   >>Please take a minute to respond to this third grade class's email
   >>Hello Everybody,
   >>    We are a third grade class in Seattle, Washington.  We have 7 boys
   >>and 8 girls in our class.  We are doing a class project to see how
   >>many people, and how far, our e-mail can reach.  Our project
   >>started on February 22 and will end on April 22.  Please just e-mail us
   >>and tell us where you are and send this letter to as many people as
   >>you can.  Our address is
   >>      Thank you,
   >>               Mrs.. Boivins Class

Greetings from Piscataway, New Jersey.  I received a copy of your
letter from a friend of mine in Thailand.

I'm sorry to say that I will not forward your message to anyone.  Your
request that I send the letter to as many people as I can amounts to
making it a chain letter.  I have a policy of never forwarding chain
letters.  In fact, I have a web site on chain letters at

Please visit it and let me know what you think.

I suspect that by now you have been overwhelmed by the responses to
your request.  It was wise of you to put a time limit within your
message, but you probably should have included the year also.

If you write up a report on the results of your experiment, I'd like
to see a copy so I can include it or a pointer to it on my chain
letter web page.

Good luck in your education!
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