Effective June 2017, I am moving to the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. This page will not be updated regularly. Please see my IISc page instead.

Vinod Ganapathy: Software and Datasets

Here is a list of software systems that we built or datasets that we used for various projects. In most cases, I am happy to answer technical questions about the papers related to these artifacts, but am otherwise unable to support or maintain any of the code or data. The level of documentation available with each of these artifacts varies, but the best sources of information are the papers themselves. I have not bothered to attach any licenses to the software linked from this page, but if you have a question about licenses (especially if you are planning to use them for non-academic purposes), feel free to contact me.

Project Artifacts Description Related Papers
AndroCrypt Code An encrypting obfuscator for Android apps. JASE'16
JAMScript JAMScript and JAMWeave A transactional policy-enforcement system for JavaScript code. Built atop Firefox-17.0.5esr. FSE'14, ECOOP'12
SSC Xen patches A set of enhancements to the Xen 3.4.0 to implement virtual machine abstractions and a hypervisor privilege model that protects client code and data from untrusted cloud administrators. SOCC'14, CCS'12
NFA-OBDDs Code and data An implementation of NFA-based regular expression matching using ordered binary decision diagrams (OBDDs). COMNET'11, RAID'10
Sabre Code A JavaScript information-flow tracking system tailored for the study of Firefox extensions. Built atop Firefox version ACSAC'09
Gibraltar Code A Xen-based kernel rootkit detection system that uses data structure invariants. Built atop Xen-3.4.2. MobiSys'11, TDSC'11, ACSAC'08.
Microdrivers Benchmarks Benchmark device drivers used in the evaluation section of our ASPLOS'08 paper on Microdrivers. ASPLOS'08
Hook placement Data Datasets reported in our ICSE'07 paper on automatic mining of security-sensitive operations. ICSE'07

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