16:198:500:06 Light Seminar: Economics of Cybersecurity

16:198:500:06 Light Seminar: Economics of Cybersecurity

Prof. Rebecca Wright
Rutgers University
Fall 2009

Time: Mondays, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Location: CoRE Building, Room 305 (CoRE B)

Seminar Description

In this light seminar / reading group, we will discuss a number of research papers on the economics of cybersecurity. Students will take turns presenting papers. All students should read Ross Anderson's survey paper, which provides a good introduction to the topic of the seminar and many of the results we will cover.


Date Paper(s) or Topic Presenter
September 14 Organization and introduction Rebecca Wright
September 21 Introduction to game theory and equilibria Rich McLean
September 28 Introduction to game theory and equilibria, cont'd. Rich McLean
October 5 Nobody Sells Gold for the Price of Silver: Dishonesty, Uncertainty and the Underground Economy Qiang Ma
October 12 No class No class.
October 19 Game Theory with Costly Computation Aaron Jaggard
October 26 Game Theory with Costly Computation, cont'd. Aaron Jaggard
November 2 On Non-Cooperative Location Privacy: A Game-Theoretic Analysis Md Ehtesamul Haque
November 9 No class. You should attend the New York Computer Science and Economics Day if possible. No class.
November 16 The legitimate vulnerability market: the secretive world of 0-day exploit sales and What is the economic value of a zero-day exploit? Brian Thompson
November 23 Secure or Insure? A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Information Security Games Huijun Xiong
November 30 Modelling the economic incentives of DDoS attacks: femtocell case study Kui Xu
December 7 Ecomonics of Malware (WEIS2009) Mangesh Gupte
December 14 NO CLASS


Good resources for papers to consider are available at http://infosecon.net/workshop/bibliography.php and http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/econsec.html, though relevant papers not on these lists can also be included.

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