Theoretical Computer Science Research at Rutgers University

There is a highly accomplished and very active group of researchers in the area of theoretical computer science at
Rutgers University. Specific research interests include algorithms, complexity, computability, combinatorial and
probabilistic structures, combinatorial optimization,  computational biology, algebraic methods, discrete math,
graph theory.and computational geometry.  The researchers are associated with multiple departments and
centers including Computer ScienceMathematics , Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical
Computer Science (DIMACS)  and Rutgers Center for Operations Research  ( Rutcor) . A list of faculty
 members includes:
DIMACS is a great resource for theoretical computer science research in the area including visitors, workshops,
special focus years and working groups. Also there is the larger NY metropolitan area resources of corporate
research labs (AT&T Labs Research, Bell Labs, IBM Research etc.) and universities (Princeton, Columbia,
NYU etc.). NY City of course is a cultural and social hub. Graduate students are encouraged to apply to the
CS dept for Ph. D program in computer science, specialzing in any of the areas in theoretical computer science.