Networking Research at Rutgers University

There is an active group of researchers with interests in networking principles and
applications, including basic networking issues such as packet classification, multicasting, packet
pooling,  mining IP traffic streams, adaptive networking methods and network-centric computing,
wireless networking issues such as infostations and wireless data access and sensor networking
issues including novel routing mechanisms, location aware services and sensor data management.
Faculty members in CS dept with networking research interests include:
In addition, there are organizations within Rutgers University with research focus on
networking aspects including WINLAB, and Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).
There is a lively networking community in the large NY metropolitan area including in corporate
research labs such as AT&T Research, Lucent Bell Labs, and IBM Research, and in universities
including Princeton University and Columbia University. NY city of course is a great social and
cultural resource. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to apply.

Database@RU, Theory@RU.