DIMACS/CS Light Seminar: Theoretical Computer Science

Place:                 Core 433.
Time:                  3:30 PM -- 4:30 PM, Mondays.
Contact:             Muthu Muthukrishnan, muthu@cs.rutgers.edu
Index number:    32807 (05)

                See MATH seminar series as well.

Sept 15:      Metric embeddings in data stream algorithms.
                                       S. Muthukrishnan

Sept 22:      Tree embeddings
                  Martin Farach-Colton.

Sept 29:       Embedding text streams.
                  Graham Cormode.

Oct  06:      Derandomization and Kolmogorov complexity .
                     Eric Allender

Oct  13:      NO TALK. (FOCS travel)

Oct  20:     Decoding error-correcting codes via linear programming
                   Jon Feldman

Oct  27:      Estimating the weight of metric minimum spanning trees in sublinear-time
                  Artur Czumaj

Nov  03:     The Sylvester-Chvatal Theorem
                            Xiaomin Chen

Nov 10:      Exposure-Resilient Cryptography
                   Yevgeniy Dodis.

Nov 17:     SL=L (well, almost...) and other rarely-wrong derandomizations.
                 Avi Wigderson.

Nov 24:     Intersection graphs of interval filaments
                           Fanica Gavril.

Dec 01:      Learning mixtures of markov chains
                  Sudipto Guha

Dec 08:     A little bit of help goes a long way: online scheduling  with \eps resource augmentation
                  Chandra Chekuri

Dec 15:       Winter Recess.