Brian Russell, PhD

"Simple Solutions To Hard Problems"

Computer Science
Rutgers University
110 Frelinghuysen Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8019

Office: Hill 403
Email: morbius[at]cs[dot]rutgers[dot]edu
Office hours: Thursdays 8:00-9:00 pm.

Functions well under pressure ...

My research interests include software engineering, operating systems, distributed algorithms and symbolic debuggers.

I'm an experienced software architect and development strategist with a doctorate in Computer Science. I have created robust object-oriented architectures in C++ on many different operating systems. I have designed practical, fault-tolerant distributed applications, large-scale multithreaded systems, system software products and communication protocols, one of which has become an international standard. I have maintained a consulting practice, but I am now looking for a more permanent position because it's more fulfilling to take a project from start to delivery and continue to respond to new requirements as they arise.

My current resume can be found here in doc format and in pdf and a cover letter can be found here .


Fall 2016 CS211 Computer Architecture
Summer 2016 CS352 Internet Technology
Spring 2016 CS211 Computer Architecture
Fall 2015 CS214 Systems Programming
Summer 2015 CS211 Computer Architecture
Spring 2015 CS214 Systems Programming
Fall 2014 CS214 Systems Programming
Spring 2014 CS214 Systems Programming
Fall 2013 CS214 Systems Programming
Spring 2013 CS211 Computer Architecture
Fall 2012 CS214 Systems Programming
Spring 2012 CS314 Principles of Programming Languages
Fall 2011 CS443 Advanced Programming For Financial Applications
Fall 2011 CS214 Systems Programming
Spring 2010 CS352 Internet Technology
Fall 2007 CS417 Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design
Summer 2007 CS352 Internet Technology
Spring 2007 CS417 Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design
Fall 2006 CS416 Operating System Design
Spring 2006 CS416 Operating System Design
Fall 2005 CS515 Programming Languages and Compilers I
Summer 2005 CS352 Internet Technology
Spring 2005 CS416 Operating System Design
Fall 2004 CS431 Software Engineering


Operator Behavior Modeling and Analysis Case Study: Three-Tier Internet Service

Threads Are Better Than Events For Programming Internet Service Applications CS545 Position paper

IPv4 Will Not Be Sufficient For The next 30 Years CS552 Position paper

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Automated Detection of DNS Attacks CS603 Project

Maximizing Throughput in a Simulated Wireless Environment CS701 Project

Diving Certifications:

Open Water -- October, 1995
Advanced Open Water -- December 1996
Nitrox Specialty -- August 1999
Emergency First Response -- July 2004
Rescue Diver -- August 2004
Deep Diver Specialty -- June 2005
Peak Performance Bouyancy Specialty -- July 2005
Underwater Navigation Specialty -- July 2005
Wreck Diving Specialty -- July 2005
Master Scuba Diver -- July 2005