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2010: Twilight Challenge 5K run (7:50).
2009: Giralda Farms 10K (7:57), Liberty Corner 4 Miler (7:22), Wildwood Triathlon (7:16/7:33).
2008: Brian's Run 2008 10k (7:55), 2008 Giralda Farms 10k (7:48).
2007: Rutgers Big Chill 5K (7:19).
2006: Tri-To-Sprint Triathlon, Blue Cross Broad Street Run - 10 Mile (8:20).
2005: Somerset Turkey Trot 5k (7:17), East Brunswick 10k (7:42), Mendham 10k Run for Patriots (7:59).
2003: Midland 15k Run (7:54), May Day Relay (7:54/7:08).
2002: Brian's Run 10k (8:48), Long Hill.
2001: Midland 15k Run (8:09), Race for the Cure 5k (7:42).
2000: Giralda Farms 10k Run (8:02), Country Squire 10K Run (8:37).

Hey, I'm Famous

I just found an article on Science that mentioned me. One from Maryland on my crossword puzzle talk.

A Star Ledger article about the lab mentions me.

I made it onto a page of palindromes!

Someone wrote some nice things about a talk I gave at UT Austin.

A brief mention of my Alife work with David Ackley.

I show up occassionally in Brown's CS newsletter and now the Rutgers Newsletter as well.

Mentioned on the Xgobi page.

I was involved in contributing a sequence to Sloane's database of integer sequences.

Wikipedia pages that mention me (12/06):

Quick links

Some things I want to keep pointers to.



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