Spring 1997

Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence

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We will review some advanced topics in artificial intelligence: planning, reasoning under uncertainty, decision making, vision, robotics, reinforcement learning. Topics will be almost entirely disjoint from those of CPS270, so students that have taken CPS270 are welcome to take this class as well.


Michael L. Littman

Meeting Times

MWF 10:30 D243


Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. (1995). Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. (book home page)

Note that Curry Guinn used the same book in CPS170 last year. From what I can tell, the overlap between the two courses (after the initial introductory material) is quite small.


I will assume that students are familiar with programming (any language), algorithm analysis (big O notation and the like at the level of CPS130), and simple calculus (derivatives).


Class grade will be based on:


I'm going to follow the suggested syllabus in the textbook for a one-semeter course with concentration on vision and robotics. Here are the chapters we'll cover. Here are some
introductory slides I put together to show the CPS270 class.
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