Rutgers New Brunswick DCS

Rutgers Computing Open House, November 1, 1996

Program for the Day, Press Releases, and A thumbnail sketch of the department.

Dr. Francis Lawrence
Rutgers University
Opening Remarks
Dr. Mark Weiser
Chief Technnologist
Xerox Corporation
"Computer Science
challenges in the
next 10 years"
Dr. Tomasz Imielinski
Chair, Department
of Computer Science
"Educational Initiatives:
Internet Technology
NOTE: This Certificate
program is no
longer offered by
Rutgers DCS
Dr. Tomasz Imielinski
Chair, Department
of Computer Science
Overview of Rutgers
Computer Science
Dr. Lou Steinberg
Associate Professor
of Computer Science
High Performance
Computing and Design
(HPCD) Project:
An Overview
Vasek Chvatal
Professor of
Computer Science
as a Sport"
Dr. B.R. Badrinath
Overview of the
DataMan Project
Dr. Casimir Kulikowski
Bioinformatics Initiative
and Distributed
Collaborative Computing
Dr. Haym Hirsh
Towards 'Personal'
Dr. Sven Dickinson
Object Recognition
Dr. Martin Farach
Algorithms for Evolution
or Just Who is a
Monkey's Uncle?
Dr. Barbara Ryder
Programming Languages
Research: Prolangs
Panel Discussion:
Is the future still bright for PhDs in Computer Science?

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