These Resources are presented somewhat out of order, and are the slides provided to Dr. Kulikowski. Some appeared for only a few seconds (and so were not worked into the audio-synchronised version). But here they all are.

Presentation Slides, in Order. Some slides were drawn from other sources, and were not digitized for presentation (hence the designation "Not Found" on some.)

  1. Introduction
  2. (Do this several times with arrows to point out places mentioned).
  3. Gaza & Israel (Use arrows to show places).
  4. Technion
  5. Princeton
  6. Israel
  7. Technion
  8. Weizmann Institute
  9. Columbia
  10. At a table, with gizmos
  11. Cubism
  12. Dr. Amarel behind a computer (as mentioned)
  13. Alton Conference Photo(?)
  14. At the blackboard
  15. At the blackboard
  16. IEEE Newsletter
  17. Cover of paper (with an eye) on representations -- not found (1966)
  18. CMU AI Seminar? 1966 (Allan Eul, Herb Simon, Amarel on monkey and bananas) -- not found
  19. Cover of On Representations of Knowledge -- not found
  20. Edward Feigenbaum
  21. Lederberg
  22. Association for Cybernetics
  23. Tillet Hall
  24. Rutgers Chief Hails for Keen Intelligence -- not found
  25. Groundbreaking of Hill Center
  26. Posters from around Campus
  27. Dr. Amarel "goes national" giving papers -- not found
  28. Committee Lists (more)
  29. Graduate Program list -- not found
  30. Educational systems in developing countries
  31. Newsletter -- not found
  32. NIH Proposal
  33. Hill Center
  34. Interior Hill Center
  35. Exterior again
  36. Amarel's Desk
  37. Saul Levy (joining department) -- not found
  38. Vichnevetski
  39. Proceedings notes -- not found
  40. Stanford
  41. Stanford talk -- not found
  42. Lederberg
  43. Reporter cover
  44. AI in Medicine
  45. AI in Medicine
  46. Ed Shocklif - not found
  47. Weiss, Kern, Kulikowski (Glaucoma system) Picture - not found
  48. Shocklif presentation - not found
  49. Reddy presentation - not found
  50. Paper presented
  51. Communications
  52. Sridheran
  53. Tom Mitchell
  54. Fletcher Knable (future home terminals) -- not found
  55. LCSR
  56. Money from the State -- not found
  57. IJCAI 1983
  58. IJCAI 1983
  59. Computers and Thought -- Tom Mitchell -- thermal paper message -- not found
  60. History of the Effort -- not found
  61. "Radical Computing" -- not found
  62. Isco Office at Darpa -- not found
  63. ISAP -- not found
  64. History of Information Processing Techniques -- not found
  65. $12.4 Million hypercomputing grant -- not found
  66. 1969 picture (having a drink)
  67. Consilience Cover
  68. Ending Picture

These are from the "early history" slides -- edited for relevance (that is, I'm only including the 'documents' here:

  1. Picture of Ernest Lynton, founding dean
  2. letter accepting chairmanship, 1969
  3. press release about same
  4. small, chopped blurb
  5. Research proposal renewal letter
  6. research report for AFOSR
  7. Abstract of AFOSR contract for a whopping $49,657
  8. Cover page, CS curriculum paper to ACM -- 1971
  9. page from the above (I think)
  10. definition of computer science by Amarel for "Encyclopedia of Computer Science"
  11. cover page from 1989 TR entitled "Computer Science"
  12. Page from above
  13. first page of paper by Amarel about computer science education
  14. Educom article about Amarel
  15. first page of 1971 paper on computer education in developing nations
  16. Rutgers Newsletter with picture of groundbreaking for Hill Center
  17. Hill Center dedication article
  18. 1970 grant application (biomedicine) for $2,253,100 (wow!)
  19. 1974 press release about NIH grant for biomedicine for $1M+
  20. 1973 invitation for a colloquium of yourself
  21. 1978 paper by Amarel, yourself, Weiss, and Safir about medical decision making.
  22. SUMEX-AIM dedication (1974) announcement
  23. AIM org. list with Amarel on it.(1975)
  24. List of panel participations (AIM conference), including yourself and Amarel
  25. AIM Workshop proceedings cover (1978)
  26. Cover of Research Proposal to DARPA (1973)
  27. DARPA funding memo for above proposal
  28. Grant Contract for the above
  29. Early (1977) map of ARPANET with Rutgers circled.
  30. 1973 Memo for ARPA proposal; notes department founded in 1966, and the CS major and PhD program established in 1970.
  31. Description from 1978 memo of research computing facilities in DCS
  32. Plan for formation of LCSR, 1978
  33. Fall 1977 article about Amarel and "thinking machines"
  34. 1972 memo from a "computing committee" that recommends the founding of CCIS
  35. (1972) First page of Summary report of computing committee -- "The future of computers in public higher education lies in the centralization of large computers and the delivery of services through communication networks."
  36. 1978 letter to Amarel asking if he will server on the "Master Planning Committee on Computers"
  37. 1980 Letter from Bloustein to Amarel thanking him for serving on the NJECN board

Here are the files from my Latest search:

  1. "Seven Directors Take Office" (1968)
  2. Cover of 1971 ACM paper on CS curriculum
  3. Cover of 1975 AIM Proceedings
  4. Smaller one of above
  5. Cover of 1978 AIM Proceedings
  6. 1969 letter of Amarel accepting chairmanship of DCS
  7. Recent Picture of Amarel, you, Badri, and I-forget-who talking in the Core Lobby
  8. Amarel talking at a conference (during a break)
  9. Older picture of Amarel and yourself
  10. Amarel in his office, arms crossed
  11. Amarel in his office, hand on computer
  12. Not a great shot, but one of Amarel giving a recent presentation in the Core Auditorium
  13. Older picture of Amarel staring at a computer
  14. Amarel seated in his office
  15. That weird older shot of Amarel holding a wire-frame something, jotting notes, with his pipe hanging out of his mouth
  16. Older shot of Amarel apparently explaining something
  17. Map showing Athens, Greece
  18. Older shot of Amarel at a blackboard with various people
  19. Ebodiments of the Mind (by Warren S. McCulloch) cover
  20. first page of 1972 Amarel paper on education in computer science
  21. Computer Science Research issue with yourself on the cover
  22. Core Building under construction (girder frame)
  23. Core Building under construction (later than the above)
  24. Nice picture of CORE
  25. 1969 Press release announcing founding of DCS
  26. Older photo of Amarel, his desk awash in paper
  27. Amarel having a small libation
  28. 1969 research proposal, with notes about DCS formed in 1966 under "Fender", and first computer center in 1958
  29. Generic Map of Greece
  30. Picture (not a good one) of Ernest Lynton, Founding Dean
  31. Older Article of Amarel seeing "Expanded Role for Computers"
  32. Picture of Feigenbaum.jpg
  33. (bad) picture of Tillet, back in the day
  34. Cover of the First Annual Report on Biomedicine grant
  35. The four DCS Chairs at a recent Christmas party (I think)
  36. The group of folks at Amarel's 70th birthday bash
  37. Hill Center under contruction
  38. 1971 Article about Hill Center dedication
  39. Nice picture of a newly-completed Hill Center
  40. I just like this picture of Hirsh waving his finger at Imielinski, who is apparently trying not to hear him
  41. 1963 IEEE Newsletter
  42. IJCAI with Amarel as General Chair
  43. IJCAI 1983 logo
  44. Amarel and Imielinski, with hair!
  45. Map of Greece with arrow pointing out small island
  46. Map of Israel, 1947
  47. One of Kalantari's Circles - I can't remember why I included this
  48. Man-for-the-InformationAge.jpg
  49. Another Map of Israel
  50. Joshua Lederberg
  51. Picture of various people, including Oppenheimer
  52. Amarel talking to people at a conference break
  53. Poster of Feigenbaum to speak at Rutgers (about DENTRAL) in 1971
  54. Picture of three posters from the 1971 timefram
  55. Cover Research Resources Reporter from 1979
  56. RU Newsletter, about Hill Center dedication
  57. second page of above
  58. Map of Greece with arrow pointing at Salonica
  59. Link to images and logos for Stanford, Technion, Weizmann, and Columbia
  60. Amarel seated in his office
  61. Map of Greece, with arrow pointing at Sparta
  62. Older picture of Amarel at a conference table of very serious-looking men
  63. Group photograph (RCA?)
  64. Color (older) picture of Tillet.jpg
  65. 1969 Newsletter article about groundbreaking for Hill Center
  66. Article about computers in medicine, picture of Amarel
  67. 1976 Meeting on Glaucoma
  68. Abstract of paper by yourself for the above meeting
  69. 1972 IEEE proceedings cover