The handin program


Handin copies one or more files from your directory to a special directory that only the TA and  instructor can access.  (There is a separate handin file for each user, so we can tell who each set of files came from.  In fact, there is a separate handin directory for each assignment for each user.)


The unix command   handin –g   lists the handin groups;  a group corresponds to a specific assignment for a specific course, e.g., cs520-proj1 for the first project for cs520.


The command   handin <group> <file1> <file2> …. (where <group> is a handin group name and <filei> are file names) copies the files to your handin directory for the specified group.  Note that if there already is a file with one of these names in your handin directory for this project, it will be overwritten.   The time you turn in your assignment is the creation date of the copied file, so if you turn in one version on time, but then use handin to turn in another version with the same name after the due date, we will lose any record of the fact that the first version was on time.


The command handin –l <group> (that’s dash-el) lists the files in your directory for the given group.