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CS 520 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Spring 2002: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30pm - 5:50pm


Reading for the final: The url mentioned in the answers on the practice final is now working. Here are partial solutions to the practice final: ps and pdf .

Solutions for the midterm are here: ps and pdf A previous final is here: ps and pdf

The final exam is Monday, May 13 4-7PM in SERC 205

Homework: problems 14.12, 15.3, and 16.10 in Russell and Norvig. Due at start of class April 24.

The current list of grades is here.

The slides for l14 have been revised. The wrong version had been posted, so if you got them before 12:30 Wed, get them again.

We WILL have lecture tomorrow (Wed, March 27). Prof. Don Smith will give the lecture.

Here is the prolog programming assignment, and here is information on running prolog on paul.

Here are the answers to all but one part of the homework.

I will have office hours tomorrow (Mar 12) 3-5 pm, Hill 401.

Here are answers for the practice questons: .pdf .ps

material for  midterm:
(sections in parens are to read but not in detail)

1.1 (1.2-1,5)
2 - whole chapter
3 - whole chapter
4.1, 4.2
5.1-5.4 (5.5-5.8)
6 - whole chapter
7 - whole chapter
9.1-9.4 (9.5, 9.6)

I may be late for office hours tomorrow (Mar 7) but I expect to be there by 1:30 and will try to make it by 1:00.

Here are some sample questions for the midterm: .pdf .ps

Here is the written assignment I mentioned in class.

The lisp assignment is due at Noon on Wednesday, March 6. Hand it in with the handin program. The group should be something like cs520-proj1. Just hand in your lisp code file. Please be sure your name and id # are in the file as comments. Anything you want to tell us about the code can be put in as additional comments.

The midterm is at our normal class time and room on Wed, March 13. It will cover through FOL inference, but not Prolog. Practice questions and a detailed reading list should be available here sometime tomorrow.

The tic-tac-toe code that the assignment pointed to was messed up - somehow a segment of code got duplicated. It is now fixed.

The instructions in the file ~lou/cl/emacs-and-cl-2 on paul should now work. Please email me (lou@cs.rutgers.edu) if there are any problems.

The lisp programming assignment is here.

There will be an interesting colloquium Wed, Feb 20 at 11 am. Click here for details.

Additional reading on Lisp has been assigned - see below. Also, here is info on learning and running Common Lisp.

Additional slides have been posted for lecture 5.

Class is cancelled Wed., Feb 6 due to illness of Prof. Steinberg. Class is expected to take place next Monday as normal.

Here is an interesting article on an AI problem:

Voice recognition: Another dead end
By John Dvorak PC Magazine January 31, 2002, 5:10 AM PT

Slides for lectures 1 and 2 have been updated. Lecture 1 now has the slide on environments and Lecture 2 has some mistakes fixed in the costs on the last few slides.

See reading and homework assignments below.

If you want a special permission number to register for the course, come to the first class - I'll decide on special permission numbers after I see how many people actually show up.



Due at the START of class on specified date.

  • Due Feb. 4: Problems 3.5 and 3.8 on p. 88-89 of Russell & Norvig
  • Lecture Notes:


    Instructor: Prof. Louis Steinberg
    Telephone: (732) 445-3581
    Office Hours: Thursdays 1:00 - 3:00 pm
    Office Location: Room 401, Hill Center for Mathematical Sciences
    Email: lou@cs.rutgers.edu>

    Teaching Assistant: Xiaolei Huang
    Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:30 - 4:30 pm
    Office Location: Room 410, Hill Center for Mathematical Sciences
    Email: xiaolei@paul.rutgers.edu


    To provide a broad introduction to the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course is appropriate both for people from other subfields of Computer Science who wish to acquire a general understanding of AI, and for students preparing for more advanced courses or research in Artificial Intelligence.


    Graduate standing or permission of the instructor; familiarity with first-order logic, basic graph representations and algorithms, complexity; some exposure to Lisp (any dialect, e.g. scheme emacs lisp, common lisp, etc.) and to Prolog.

    Topics to be Covered:

    Goals of the Artificial Intelligence field; Core topics of AI, including search, knowledge representation, reasoning, planning and learning; Programming in LISP and PROLOG; Applications of AI selected from among the following: expert systems, machine vision, natural language processing, robotics and cognitive modeling.

    Expected Work:

    Reading; problem sets; programming assignments; midterm and final examinations. (You may discuss homework assignments with other students at a general level, but all problem set solutions and all program coding, debugging, and testing must be done entirely on your own.)

    Tentative Grading Policy:

  • Problem Sets: 20 %
  • Programs: 20 %
  • Midterm Examination: 25 %
  • Final Examination: 35 %

    Homework Submission Policy

    Homework must be turned in by the assigned deadline. Late homework will not be accepted. Programming assignments must be submitted via the handin program. Rare exceptions may be made by the intructor only under extenuating circumstances - arrangements must before the due date.

    Course Homepage

    You are responsible for being aware of whatever information is posted here.

    Lecture Notes

    Copies of Prof. Steinberg's lecture notes are available above.


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