CS503: Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms

The goal of this course is to investigate the essential properties of data structures and algorithms for operating on them; to use these structures as tools to assist algorithm design. It is intended for students in engineering and science programs interested in exploring the fundamental principles and techniques central to computer science; the course should provide adequate preparation for further graduate courses in CS. This is NOT a programming language course - but does introduce students to the Java language and its libraries. Many of the highly promoted features of the Java (e.g., GUI interfaces, Applets, networked interfaces, etc.) are not covered.

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What's New

December 20, 2000
The final exam grades (max = 155 pts) are posted. You can retrieve your paper this Friday (or later), if you like. If you think that something needs to be regraded, do the usual: prepare a short paragraph of explanation, attach it to your paper, and bring it to Hill 390 addressed to me. DO NOT "tackle" Namsoo outside his office.

Final letter grades are now posted. There will be no discussion about any grade changes until early January.

Enjoy the holidays and the new millenium (the real one)!

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