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Polynomiography and its place in Art, Math, Education, and Science

Polynomiography is algorithmic visualizations of one of the most basic and fundamental tasks in science and math: solving a polynomial equation. It is a by-product of many years of research into the mathematical theory of polynomial root-finding. Polynomiography as a digital medium can be used to encouraging creativity, artistry and discovery, with tremendous appeal for playful learning for K-12 grades, for higher education, for educators at many levels, for artists of various kinds, for scientists, and for public appreciation and enjoyment. Polynomiography helps bridge art and math in a very unique way having numerous artistic and educational potentials, especially for bringing information and knowledge to students in K-12 who are in need of visual stimulation. Through Polynomiography software, students can learn to create spectacular and diverse artworks that connect art with creative learning about math. Polynomiography can also be developed into a serious and powerful medium of art.

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