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Bahman Kalantari

Professor, Department of Computer Science,
Rutgers University

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office      : Hill Center 444, Busch Campus, (848)445-7297

Bahman kalantari

Ph.D. Computer Science, University of Minnesota.
M.S. Operations Research, University of Minnesota.
M.S. Mathematics, University of Minnesota.
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*** U.S. PATENT NO. 6,894,705 For Technology of POLYNOMIOGRAPHY, May 2005. ***

Polynomial Root-Finding and Polynomiography, World Scientific, 2009.

polynomiography & root-finding

Book Cover's high resolution pdf file (if downloaded and displayed elsewhere, proper credit must be given to Bahman Kalantari and World Scientific).

“Bahman Kalantari has created a beautiful new genre of mathematical visual art, that is quite distinct from Fractal Art, and is just as beautiful. Not only is the art beautiful, but the mathematics and the elegant algorithms that generate it. This book can be read on quite a few levels, all very rewarding, and will inspire lots of future research and new gorgeous art.”
Doron Zeilberger
Rutgers University, Winner of the Steele Prize

“Polynomiography is a fascinating meeting of polynomials, iterative systems, and artistry - a great way to explore the marriage of visual and intellectual beauty.”
Ken Perlin
New York University, Winner of the Oscar Prize

"This book truly is a textbook... This is because the author always has the reader in mind, and carefully explains what is going on... Although the book is not explicitly addressed to high school teachers or undergraduate students, many chapters are suitable for this readership. Researchers in this topic might enjoy finding the long lists of references and the many historical remarks, both giving ample suggestions for further readings."
Mathematical Reviews
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