198:334   Introduction to Imaging and Multimedia

Fall 2016





CS334 Course Syllabus



Instructor: Dr. Ahmed Elgammal  - Core 316


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Ji Zhang

Hui Qu




Class Calendar and Lecture Slides and Assignments



Regular class time:


Lectures: Tue&Thu 3:20- 4:40 PM - Livingston TIL-232

Recitations:  Sec 01 Tue 5:15-6:10 PM - Livingston LSH-B117

                   Sec 02 Thu 6:55-7:50 PM - Busch SEC-202




This is a basic undergraduate-level class that covers the fundamentals of image processing, computer vision, and multimedia computing. The students learn about the basics of image, video, and audio formation and processing, the basics of multimedia compression and representation. The students will be exposed to dealing with image and video data through programming assignments using Java and Matlab.





Introduction to Multimedia: Historical overview, multimedia representations, software tools, authoring tools.


Basics of Image Formation: Camera and lenses, image formation, basic camera models and geometry. Image formats. Colors in images and videos.


Image Computing I: Binary image analysis: The basics of processing 2D images thresholding, connected component analysis, mathematical morphology, shape descriptors. Application: implementation of a simple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) System.


Image Computing II: Low level processing of images: Convolution, basics of Fourier transform, edge detection, texture representation and synthesis, image segmentation.


Video Processing: Fundamental concepts of video, image and video compression, MPEG video coding, MPEG4,7 and beyond.


Audio Processing: Basics of digital audio, quantization and transmission of Audio. Audio compression, Audio MPEG.


Multimedia applications:  content-based retrieval in digital libraries: case studies.


Recommended Background:

Linear algebra and basic probability and statistics. 




198:112 OR 14:332:351 &

198:206 OR 14-332:321 &





W. Burger & M. Burger “Digital Image Processing: An algorithmic introduction using Java”, Springer,  ISBN 978-1-84628-379-6 (First or Second Editions)


(Recommended) P. Havaldar & G. Medioni “Multimedia Systems Algorithms, Standards, and Industry Practices” Cengage,  ISBN 978-1-4188-3594-1




Other useful textbooks


Z. Li and M. S. Drew, “Fundamentals of Multimedia”, Prentice Hall 0-13-061872-1




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